Holiday home? This is a workout you can do in any living room

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If you’ve ever found your home during the holidays and wondered how to exercise between home visits and Black Friday shopping, then you’re lucky.

Reebok and eight Reebok CrossFit Games athletes Annie Thorisdottir are sharing some of her favorite home-training sessions for those not far from the regular gym.

Fortunately, everything you need can be found in the standard living room (without fancy exercise equipment).

Thorisdottir, 28, said she has been exercising at home.

She explains: “My family never says no fun exercise!” “Weight varies widely because they do not require settings or equipment …. If you’re in good shape, you can increase your strength or have your workout done.”
Here are a few try actions. To do more gentle exercise, do less repetition. If you want a more intense workout, go through the series three times and add a delegate.
Thorisdottir loves this warm-up exercise. Stand up straight, cross your arms and put your hands on your chest. Bend the buttocks back, bend the chest forward, and at 90 degrees to the body (bend the knees). Then lift your chest back to its original position.

Jumping lungs
Maintain abdominal absorption throughout the exercise. Take a step forward and bend the other back to the lunge. Jump up, switch legs in the air and sprint on the other side. Repeat and be careful not to hit your knees on the ground!

These single-legged crouches work on sofas, chairs or sturdy coffee tables. Start sitting on one leg in the air and the other on the ground. Then, with this action, lift your leg to stand in the air. After several delegates, switch your legs to a balanced workout.

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You need some space to place these things, so consider moving some furniture to make room. Place your shoulders directly on the board with your shoulders down, your hips down, and your eyes at 45 degrees in front of you. Then, lift each leg to your chest and rotate one controlled motion at a time. Move as fast as you can

Why do not you try some shoulder taps when you’re lying on the board? Raise your right arm to the opposite shoulder and turn both sides back to the center plank. Be sure to keep your body still while moving your arms.

Look around, pick up books, candlesticks, water bottles, or any other light objects around the house. Now, with your elbows held up, place the items on your shoulders and make a squat. As you move backwards, lift your object over your head so your arms are fully extended. repeat!


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