Diana Henry’s Ultimate Pumpkin Recipe


Walking in New York a few weeks ago, there is no doubt that the fall (or America’s “fall”, which sounds like mellow as the season it names) has arrived. Each restaurant has pumpkins at the entrance, and gourds of various sizes roll down the steps in front of the brown stone.

Year after year, I want to know what I can do with certain seasonal ingredients (strawberries are always the challenge, especially the best strawberries I love for cream), but every fall I beg for recipes for pumpkins and squash (In fact, sometimes it is told to “pumpkin” because it often appears in dishes I suggest).
? His part is romantic. I grew up in Northern Ireland without a pumpkin or pumpkin. Every Halloween we use a bitter, indomitable radish bayonet, trying to make a decent lantern.
I gazed at the pictures of American books (sent by Aunt Canada), craving for the large, orange earth with magical attributes (they could become coaches and provide little houses or doll furniture).

P umpkins are not easy to get in the UK, either. When I moved to London in the mid-1980s, I spent several years filling the autumn dumplings with sweet potato puree, the closest thing I could find to pumpkin meat.

Now that pumpkins and pumpkins are everywhere, people are almost at risk because they spill over the sidewalks in front of the fruit and vegetable shops.
Medium ? Love is not just sentimental, however. I like sweet and savory, or a combination of sweet and sour, and pumpkin meat gives me something. It is made with salty parmesan, yogurt yogurt, rich flavor miso and soy beans.

It appeals to many countries in India, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Japan and more – pumpkin offers you many worlds.

It used to look cumbersome to erode the wedges by hard skin, but now I find it easy to prepare carrots (I will not peel until cooking if it’s really necessary).

What is the disadvantage of it? classification. What is pumpkin What is pumpkin? This is complicated, in part, because some varieties are considered pumpkins in some countries and pumpkins in others. But because they are members of the same family and behave in the same way, they can be used interchangeably.

One of the breeds you need to know LL for what you like (pumpkin is a nice and versatile hand and easy to find, but Crown Prince, my money, the best flavor).

Pumpkins are often small windows written around Halloween but – sweet, gentle and charming – I will cook them right until spring.


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