Food trends from the Menai Channel: HalenM?n Harvest Salt for the Stars

Starbucks 2017 holiday cups photographed on Monday, October 23, 2017. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

A salt from LISON and DAVID LEA-WILSON has sprinkled on the top of Obama’s favorite chocolate and served with a quail egg at Prince William’s wedding.

It is marketed in high-end delicatessens and supermarkets including Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer and is favored by the renowned Ferran Adrià chefs at Heston Blumenthal and elBulli. Angels West’s couple have a seahorse for its existence.

This is their experience with the launch of the Sea Zoo on the island in 1983, which will be the largest aquarium in Wales, making them one of the world’s leading salt producers. “We are breeding hippocampus, which requires the most incredible clean seawater,” David explained. “It made us realize that the sea we were sitting in was an asset.”
After experimenting with a pot of water from the Menai Strait (waters off the West Sea of ??Anglesey from the mainland) in 1996, they boiled on Aga until they crystallized and Lea-Wilsons Launched Helen Maughan (meaning Anglesey Salt).

Today, the company exports to more than 20 countries where its salt is granted PDO status protection, adding to Parma Ham and Champagne.

HalenM?n is based on a unique area of ??natural beauty. Located 75 yards from the sea, the £ 1.25 million salt shack and visitor center offers spectacular views of Snowdonia, Carmarthen Castle and the Menai Strait and the sounds of cur and oystercatchers.
? His salt is harvested by hand using traditional techniques, which is what made his character and texture part of Monday monstrous. Instead of melting into hot food, it keeps its snowflake-like shape and has a clean, delicate, almost sweet taste. “Tell the terroir with grapes; we call it Merino,” David said. “The Gulf Stream brought us fresh sea water twice a day, with a huge mussel bed in front of us, each filtered 5-9 pints per hour. This gives us a distinctly different thing one.

A pipeline brings seawater from the Menai Strait to the factory and, once filtered through sand and charcoal, heats the water to a concentrated brine. This stays in a shallow tank, the crystals form and sink to the bottom. Each morning, carefully harvest the salt flakes with a large shovel and then allow them to dry overnight after the last wash to remove the last traces of the shells. The next day, the salt is placed in a low-temperature oven to extract any remaining moisture before it is packaged.
C reating salt is an expensive, labor-intensive process that takes 10 to 12 days from the sea to the table. Every day, eight strictly trained salt manufacturers at HalenM?n determine the taste and texture to ensure a consistent product, and David’s day is an important part of examining the level of seawater. “I told me how much salt I had with the salinity meter and we just wanted to pull the seawater to the shore when it was the salty sea.
It took me several years to perfect this product, and earlier this year HalenM?n won the Queen’s Award for Sustainability. David’s research has seen him travel to Tokyo, where salt is revered (“if someone is moving, you give them the best salt present”), he already knows how texture is part of the taste. In order to grasp the crystallization process, he returned to college. “I’m a middle-aged man sitting behind to do chemistry,” he said with a laugh.

Now HalenM?n series extends to 10 kinds of salt, one of which is oak smoked, one is vanilla, the other is charcoal. Jess Lea-Wilson, the daughter of a couple responsible for product and recipe development and branding, marketing and public relations, explains: “It’s a stunning matt black that is good for your digestion.” We sold it to Several restaurants, they use a few slices to complete a one-handed scallops. At Christmas, HalenM?n is creating a salt that is smoked on spruce. “We call it the Christmas tree salt,” Jesse said. Alison added: “The game’s taste is very good, and not too strong.


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