How To Make An Alcohol-Free Christmas: Non-alcoholic Cocktail By Ben Branson, Seedlip Creator


He is part of the pharmacist and part of the alchemist, with a little animal specimens on the side, but Ben Branson – the brain behind the seed milk drink – is unique. The man who discovered the need for adult premium soft drinks met it in time by restoring the ancient craft of non-alcoholic spiritual distillation. clever.

These are the pineapple orchards 108 that are complexly mixed with the spices of natural plants – bark, spices and citrus peel, freshly tasting leaves, herbs and pea pods in the case of the fragrant Seedlip Spice 94 – in a more spring, Drink gin, you can drink too.

Beautifully packaged, subtle and dry, it has enjoyed great success in the UK since it was introduced two years ago and is available in award-winning bars and restaurants such as Dandelyan, The Savoy and The Fat Duck in Heston Blumenthal. Branson has come to Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the United States in the past few months to launch healthy alternative drinks throughout the world.

But by Christmas, he will be back with his partner Nadra (himself the creator of Kitchen & Soul, the health food brand) and their dogs, Poppy and Kiwi, back to a 14th-century villa near Amersham, though Branson seems to imply having Chance to try “weird and wonderful ingredients”.
One, through their house and garage LL is evidence of his taste test – copper mini stills, glass test tubes, juicer and suweidi machine. Then there are Kilner jars labeled “fig shrubs” or “plums, thorns and peppers,” adding an upscale home-made drink and preserves from the Victorian era. Trolleys, shelves, and even ladders moaning on the walls, ingredients such as barley, dried peas and walnut shells, the air tends to steam up the flavor with boiling herbs and spices.
B Larsen’s mother cultivated in Lincolnshire for over 300 years and jumped around tractors, farms and playgrounds. His childhood gave him a lifetime of enthusiasm, planting natural products. He said: “I’m more interested in agriculture than looking for food, and at the same time, my father works on brand design.

Branson always does not drink alcohol. In the evening with Nadra, he increasingly does not like to formulate a “crappy” non-alcoholic dinner instead of offering wine. Jamie Oliver started a sugar war. I watched all the sweet carbonated soft drinks, lost a penny. So he merged the two skills he inherited from his parents.
A Presser Foot Lift Gaining experience in London in the area of ??dads, marketing brands such as Absolute Vodka, Grange Jewelers and innocent soft drinks, he devoted two years refining his recipe for natural ingredients and his Seedlip’s distinctive design – and Named after his family used to hand-sow baskets in the 17th century.

The dry peas that were handpicked from the family farms dried, forming the basis of the original spirit – 108 were the days of planting, planting and harvesting while the Spices 94 reference Columbus discovered allspice in 1494 – inspired many of Branson’s recent tattoos, “Pea”, signed two weeks before we spoke, spelled out on the finger of the right hand.

Like a wizard apprentice, Branson has been bewildered by the process of distillation. He said: “I feel uneasy about taking real ingredients from the fields or gardens and capturing it with a smelling source.”
^ h E is further stretched on the Internet as he crosses over ancient books. The Art of Distillation by Dr. John French, written in the mid-17th century, details how to distill non-alcoholic drugs, distill off alcohol, and leave the leached natural product in water. Branson eventually bought a very rare version in 1664, one of his most valuable assets.

In fact, he is a collector who has taken a sip of beautiful antique glasses and has more than 4,000 treasures of the 1940s penguin classic (yet another obsession). Then stuffed with birds and deer, there was still some work of his own, though Branson did not shoot – he found animals that died naturally. In his opinion, his animal specimens, with his distillation as a chime, capture the nature of the permanent form.

Branson’s muddy spirit, without sugar, sweeteners and calories, sometimes slightly convergent, clean mouth, absolutely “grown up”, but not bitter or sour. Their taste is mild but ubiquitous, even with supplements.

There may be more distributions: Branson will work on “cold smoke, loose leaf tea and vinegar-based liqueurs” during Christmas holidays (his new smoker has been added to the garage kit tower) – like you Do the same

Meanwhile, for those who want to take a break, Branson’s cocktails – from simple and energetic ginger and citrus – to the next few rave parties and to a healthy dry January Taste, the pride of true holiday coffee and coffee – will provide a healthy inspiration.


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