Jacquemus’s Nude Fall 2017 ad does not include any clothing


Just as from his deconstructed Oxford shirt to his geometrically incompatible geometrical heels, Simon Porte Jacquemus works by his own rules. But this Parisian designer also extended this rebellious spirit to his advertisement. In the fall of 2017, Jacquemus’s print ads are bolder than ever: they have two nude lovers, hugging a kiss under an umbrella by the sea without a designer’s weird clothes or accessories.
Instead, Jacobs takes love as a center, which is particularly timely in today’s political climate. The designer called the ad an “eternal image of two people kissing,” according to the WWD. Photographers David Luraschi shot ads in the French Mediterranean Camargue. Although Pablo Picasso and exaggerated surrealist hats or the huge suits they come with are not yet available in the fall of 2017, the ad is still a continuation of this series of themes. The designer told Vogue: “The Parisian girl in a fashion dress, fell in love with gypsies in southern France.” She tried like a gypsy, but she could not – she was too advanced! ”

The fall of 2017 also coincides with the growing trend of NSFW’s trendy ads. Eckhaus Latta recently portrayed a model made by Eckhaus Latta that portrays models with true pixel censorship in front of the camera. “We are considering how we use sex, fashion advertising and sexual relations, and direct sex selling,” photographer photographer He Zhixin told W2017 spring. “It led to” a positive gender, a very active body and a positive sexual act. “Of course, Shin and Jacquemus were not the first to do so, back in 1971 as Yves Saint Laurent himself” Men’s Men’s Wear ” The first sport behind the Pour Homme brand poses nudity and features no lines at all. In addition to other campaign pioneers like YSL and Calvin Klein, nudity ads also appear at American Apparel, Alexander Wang and probably the most In the hands of Tom Ford’s 2007 Terry Richardson handmade men’s fragrance ad .Jacquemus nude use, although obviously less aggressive, but it is subtle and romantic.As the designer wrote on Instagram, “no Clothes, no shoes, just like. “


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