Kourtney and Kim Kardashian dressed up for Halloween at Madonna and Michael Jackson


Halloween may be four days ago, but the Internet still can not beat Beyoncé’s iconic Lil ‘Golden outfit, which is now Lil’ Gold’s approval. Beyonce dressed in red hot pants and Chanel sling went to Biggie with her husband, Jay-Z, and later blessed us all the timetable, uploaded four Lil’Kim photos, photo shoot and Appearances: The blue Chanel brand bangs, wearing a satin dress, stole; wearing a “nude” suit; wearing a neon gray-green ensemble, can only be described as “she did that.”
On November 3, Beyoncé (AKA Nala) uploaded Halloween photos to her Instagram and her Web site titled “Halloween 2017: Lil’Kim Appreciation,” and cites “Hip-ho will not be our original Queen B “. Each picture has the title “never outdated.” There is no debate there.
Saturday, October 28, Kim Kardashian West decisively won the Hallo Weekend in her Cher Ensemble (desperate Jonathan Cheban as Sonny Bono) One day, becoming the once and future pop queen Madonna. She and her sister Kourtney Kardashian as Kings, Michael Jackson, Kim led Madge and MJ’s 1991 Oscars Awards, “sooner or later” nominee. We also got Marilyn Monroe’s tips from the atmosphere of clothing; maybe Kim could think about something next year? Kim’s couture looks like the Oscars red carpet (since 1973), well, a theme here. Cher and Madonna wear Bob McGee dress to participate in this event.
Kim recorded dance footage of her and her sister, songs from Michael Jackson and Madonna, and her inspirational screen.

Blonde wig, red lips and a white glove, a silver beaded dress, a white fur shawl, blonde wig, red lips and a white glove, nailed her Madonna costume, and Kourtney really Like Jackson, curly hair, black gloves, white blazer band! ) And black leather pants. In addition, of course, there are dancing shoes.
Kim promised to learn more about the “charisma” of her apps, and although we had to imagine a team of highly skilled and paid professionals, having your make-up and make-up totally the key to her continued Halloween success.


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