Like Kyle MacLachlan and Lil Yachty, Jeremy Scott has always been a fan of UGG


Katy Perry hosts MTV’s 2017 Video Music Awards Sunday. “We’ll see what she’s wearing,” the previous night, her old friend, fashion designer Jeremy Scott laughed at.
“She’s going to make a lot of changes in equipment,” he added with a laugh, carefully keeping any details. “You know Katie, she likes changing clothes.”
Scott has a history of the show; he wore red carpet faces, including past host Miley Cyrus, and was even asked to redesign his trophy in 2015 (now known as the ” Moon Man “instead of” Moon Man “). He said at the award ceremony, “There are a lot of things,” he said. “People really can make their weird flight. “He will participate again this year, he shares and hosts himself after the ceremony – a colorful crystal decoration collected with UGG after a launch that celebrates his latest collaboration.
“I can not take the chance to be interested in these iconic classics,” Scott said. “Who can forget the craziness they caused when they arrived in Hollywood in the early 2000s? “I’m a secret UGG fan.”
It ranges in value from $ 90 to $ 1,195, a limited edition, eight-piece collection that offers all women, men, kids and babies the style that Scott knows about bold touches. These designs include red and yellow flames – one is a Swarovski crystal, the other is an embroidered hand-stitched decal appliquéd with jeweled hardware and a “hip-hop nodding” with a pair of boots on each “UGG LIFE”.

Collection is also a tribute to Los Angeles, he shared: “This is an illusory land.You can be anything, and this is the kind of history that we have the long history of the movie, I also like the sunshine and climate here .I Very excited about this, I want to use the desert, the sun and advertising to capture that emotion.
In the desert beyond Los Angeles, the sports star rapper Lil Yachty and model Jasmine Sanders.
“Yachty is one of Met Gala’s guests and came here when we met, wearing a pair of UGG sandals and mules,” Scott explained. “I just think, cool, he already loves it, put on it.I like the kind of authenticity, I can imagine he was wearing a flame or” UGG LIFE “those … Jasmine is my since I was the first person to put her on the runway.We have a long history, I like that she can be a different person, she is multi-ethnic and I like her with different cultures, diversity And diversity of beauty. ”
These days, designers are busy preparing for the upcoming Fashion Week show, he shared the important moment of the 20th anniversary of next month since its release in 1997.
He said: “This is a very important moment, which is very exciting.” Just move forward, be firm and angry. “


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