Raf Simons Reshape Jason Voorhees’ Hockey Masks As Calvin Klein Spring 2018’s Shoes


One of the worst parts about Halloween is having to pay for the dust behind your wardrobe. However, Raf Simons is abandoning us this year. That’s because the designer and creative director of Calvin Klein found inspiration not only for Halloween but also for the rest of the year. The crown jewel of his 2018 spring collection Calvin Klein is a pair of pointed pumps, worn by villain Jason Voorhees on the Friday night of the 1980 horror movie Inspiration for iconic hockey masks.
Simmons reworked the perforated mask into a flip-flop shoe with a leather strap and red ankle straps dotted on the original Vorhees red triangle. He wore a black halter dress to pair the two shoes together, reminiscent of a trash bag used to hide the body of the movie, and a blue cloak with a small shawl on it, Friday and after October 31. The public reference to the cult classic is part of a larger theme of his Halloween series in the spring of 2018, the American dream and the American dream.

In a statement, Simmons said: “It’s about the horrors of the United States and the beauty of the United States.” Fashion tries to hide the horror and embrace the beauty only, but they are all part of life, a series celebrating American life.
Simmons’ horror shows are not curious, and this year has become a slow motion film of their own in the Trump administration. It is no coincidence that this year has also been a renaissance for horror films – at its core aiming to expose the genres of social issues through metaphorical monsters – to come out like movies, clear, do not breathe, and most recently it dominates Cultural conversations and box office could be competitors to the 2018 Oscars. Considering that Simmons’s collection will be put on the store at that time, the horror show may look like it will continue until 2018 and we can not wait to sit down and watch it.


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