Teyana Taylor Channel Jenny Jackson 1995 MTV VMAs Look at this year’s award


Teyana Taylor, the solo superstar of Kanye West’s Fade video, stood out at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards. This year, she did the same thing by referring to Janet Jackson, a iconic artist.
Taylor shows the 2017 VMA red carpet with a white short-sleeved shirt and wide-legged black trousers (showing her incredible six packs easily in case you forget how it was played since last year’s show Torn) as well as a very short haircut. But it looks like more than just her goal, the physical proof, of a dead end to Janet Jackson about 22 years ago, almost exactly the same hairstyle on the 1995 VMA combination.

Taylor’s up is not just a style of contribution. In 1995 VJ, Jenny Jackson’s music video “Scream Scream” won best choreography and we think it is no coincidence that at the 2017 show Kanye’s “Face Down” video (this Taylor stars) Have won the same prize. Take a look at the knot moment below.
Almost the same, right?
Taylor is not the first time with their own fashion choices to make a conscious statement. Last November, while visiting the White House with husband Cleveland Cavalier Iman Shupert, Taylor wore a black turtleneck sweater, a velvet trouser suit and hoops earrings, Civil rights activist Angela Davis salutes. On the same day that President-elect Donald Trump visited the White House, Taylor was politically charged, turning her community into a clear statement of protest.


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