Why Kendall Jenner may not walk in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Kendall Jenner officially declined to attend Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. Although the model and the reality star have entered the brand’s first two shows, TMZ reports that “it’s always my dream,” and at least this year she’s bidding for the annual runway.
As the models have been interviewing social media, there are some obvious laggards to confirm their position as one of the runways models for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. First, Bela Hadid was late for confirmation that she will debut in Shanghai to make her second runway debut. Then, just two days ago, my sister, Gigi, shared her third run of her with Instagram. Many people think Jenner will emulate – until now.

Jenna has been mimicking La Perla for the past year, which seems like a conflict of interest. In fact, Victoria’s secret, which made no statement at all, rejected her unrecorded fact that she posted social media from her latest La Perla campaign, stating “Write to la lalalagerie LaPerla_Ambassador. “subtle.
TMZ’s “Kardashian Family Sources” claimed that “Kendall did not even audition this performance because she had an important agreement with La Perla’s face and other body parts.” They continued, adding: “We” she told her, The upscale underwear line includes a non-compete clause, multi-million dollar deal. “Meanwhile, Jenna rests from the show and Carlylos will make her triumphant back in two years. See all the models confirmed here.
Kendall Jenner’s relationship with La Perla could actually last long, and when our fingers crossed, she would soon return to Victoria’s secret home.


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