Wall Street’s missing poster boy urged the surprising stock


For more than two decades, Paul has even made the greatest investor – who is the financial maverick – and looks like an amateur.
During the 2008 crisis, he won a $50 million Templeton Foundation investment contest and won the prize with a staggering 76 percent return.
He is a highly sought-after expert billionaire eager to have his own team.
He’s the poster boy on Wall Street.
But in 2010, by accident, Paul disappeared, calling it out and out of Wall Street.
Seven years later… A shocking video, featuring Paul, was posted on a private website.
Among them, Paul revealed his biggest investment forecast for decoration.
One of his predictions was “a rare opportunity for quick action investors.”
All this is concentrated on a small device that is only 1/100 of an inch in size and “will trigger the second industrial revolution”.
Paul explains why to 2020, 50 billion of these tiny devices will be put into use, and how the technology behind the technology will be at the time surged to $19 trillion (+ 8000%).
There’s only one small trap…
Wall Street and the top 1% of customers will surely hate this video and ban it.



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