Any kind of physical activity reduces mortality


Any kind of physical activity reduces mortality

A lot of research encourages hitting the gym or running as a means of keeping death. According to city McMaster university in Hamilton, Ontario, the population health research institute, according to a study by any kind of physical activity (either at the gym or in the workplace can reach) has a protective effect.

The researchers analyzed self-reported physical activity levels of 130,843 people aged 35 to 70 from 17 countries. Participants have different socioeconomic status. Mortality and cardiovascular disease (CVD) were assessed during the follow-up period of 6.9 years.

Not surprisingly, those who did the most physical activity a week had the lowest risk of early death and cardiovascular disease. However, compared with lower activity levels, only 30 minutes of activity per week was associated with reduced risk. This is true regardless of socioeconomic status.

Although many previous studies emphasize leisure time physical activity, the study, including the leisure time physical activity, lead researcher Dr Scott Lear, Pfizer/heart and stroke foundation cardiovascular prevention study in Sao Paulo, chairman of the hospital in vancouver, British Columbia

“Most previous studies have been conducted in high-income countries and often include white-collar workers,” he said. “The physical activity pattern of these people is that they sit for most of the day (at work, at home) and do a small amount of physical activity in their spare time. As a result, these studies focused on leisure activities, or did not find work positivity (because most study participants were inactive at work, of course, without any benefits).

The study of people with different patterns of activity provided valuable information about what physical activity was, and the results showed that it was more likely to happen than in the gym.

He added: “we already know that even low intensity and duration activity can be beneficial for health.” “Low levels of activity may not increase health, but it can help improve factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar control and mental health. These factors can help our health.


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