Explore the street style revolution in South Korea: k-pop nostalgia in the 1990s and a new k-punk aesthetic


Explore the street style revolution in South Korea: k-pop nostalgia in the 1990s and a new k-punk aesthetic

In spring 2018 fashion week in Seoul, South Korea designer, model, K – POP stars and celebrities in the cave of zaha hadid spacecraft – design square – inside and outside the east gate, another scene is being carried out.

In the unofficial street style area of the event, the base of the blue-pink men is found, the stained neon tip and various other gorgeous hairstyles.

South Korea this country has experienced many political and social unrest, the emergence of a different style, and even a new era of social attitudes, the fashionable star jacket, cartoon T-shirt, sneakers and bold loud Doc Martens creepers in recent years.

Young koreans and local fashionistas seem to have formed a demonic attitude toward tailoring and self-expression. In Seoul fashion week, they presented their ideas, including a range of different appearance, from the 90 s of the male image (reminiscent of K – pop group’s HOT) to what might be called “popular style” rebel K – pop – meet – punk style. K-punk.

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The effects of the 1990s look from brightly coloured plaid buttons to oversized sunglasses, faded blue and burnt ochre.

In addition to eyeglasses, men and women also wear strong eye shadow to complement most of the blue, blue and red color round contact lenses they own.

A blue contact lenses of the attendees explained: “the end of last year, the trend of blue contact lenses, because South Korea model Li Chengqing nature has light brown eyes, many people admire them.

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Puncture is another major auxiliary trend. In traditional South Korea’s conservative traditional South Korea, men and women tend to avoid harsh or excessive ear holes in order to get a job and avoid prejudice.

However, this season, you can see some diaphragm perforations. Many of the men and women’s fashionistas also showed how harsh their ears were, proudly displaying their ears, long labels and labels for earrings.

“Sometimes people come and criticize me,” says one man with a pierced ear. “but I don’t care what people say.

At the same time, the punk aesthetic – including colorful David Bowie (David Bowie) on the impact of the seventy s m fish, as well as the light tattoo scalp on the top of the head to toe, as well as the style of the leather jacket – added outdoor street style fashion show.

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Kim yoon-ji, a stylist and aspiring fashion designer, said in his own work: “I’m outside showing my inner self. “People were very surprised when they saw me wearing it. They’re usually good for me, like “it’s cool,” but it’s definitely an insurgency (in South Korea).

“I believe South Korea (and its attitude to fashion) needs to change. It needs to become more global. Instead of just following the south Korean trend, we should try harder to show what we can offer the world. ”

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Kuho Jung, executive director and organiser of Seoul fashion week, says the new street style of the event has helped to personalize South Korea’s highly aligned society.

“Even if [outside fans] can’t get into the game, they can at least experience it,” he said. “They have their own way of expressing themselves, which also gives them more opportunities to buy from more (unique) individual designers.

“(street style) is a performance. They can’t wear these items in their daily lives. This is the only time when they express themselves, why not?


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