The French model Aya Jones began almost the terrible accident of her life


The French model Aya Jones began almost the terrible accident of her life

Aya Jones doesn’t remember the accident that changed her life. This is August 27, 2016. Paris – born model and her boyfriend are enjoying the last day of Thailand’s three-week holiday. She is driving a jet ski plane through the crystallization of Ko Phangan coastal waters, it is an island surrounded by a white sand beach, famous for its monthly full moon party, attracted a large number of revelers all night.

The second thing she recalled was waking up in the haze of morphine from a private hospital in Bangkok. Her mother had flown in from Paris, and her two-year-old brother had been in Australia for a short holiday with her; And her boyfriend pulled her body out of the gulf of Thailand and explained what had happened. A speedboat took the hotel guests to the beach, hit her motorboat, punctured her lungs and stomach, and crushed her arms, legs, pelvis and skull. After an emergency operation near the island of sumi, she had flown to Bangkok, where her skull had broken down, to do more. She didn’t show up until two weeks after intensive care. The fact that she has been spared is a miracle.

“The first thing I think about is the unfairness of all of this,” the 23-year-old model said at a lunch in SoHo’s longevity restaurant. A touch of shadow filtered through the softness of her heart-shaped face, its lips and wide eyes, making her look like a wild fawn. “I thought, why did it happen to me? Why was I there that day? Then I had a very strong sense of resistance, “she said. “I want to fight, get over it.”

On September 5, some close friends from the fashion world and from around the world gave her birthday messages, unaware that aiya was on the ventilator and trying to breathe. A few weeks later, she was able to write back and tell them she had an accident. In New York, London, milan and Paris fashion week, with their accessories, performances, and a whirlwind of parties that defined her young life in a few seasons, without her.

Even before the crash, she wasn’t used to sharing her personal life on Instagram. Aya is forgive udique, which is a French phrase that means immediately “shy, modest, conservative”. In France, this increasingly rare trait is traditionally considered a virtue.

When I marvel at lunch the elegant and confident young woman sitting opposite me, body and soul have emerged, and from a potentially destroy others’ trial enterprise which is in good condition, I found the reserves could be the key to her incredible resilience. In any case, after the accident, her Instagram account was dark for weeks, and her 86,000 followers didn’t know how she was doing.

Parisians Aya Jones grew up in the city’s tenth district, in this bustling community of west African and north African immigrant cultures. For 25 years, her family ran a restaurant called La Banane Ivoirienne, where her father cooked food from the ivory coast. The family still lives nearby. As a teenager, she and her brother often help each other at the slow night of the week.

Years of dance lessons, the first ballet, later jazz and hip-hop, helped hone the natural softness and refinement of young girls. Swimming and gymnastics strengthened her. (all play a role in her recovery) her mother byatt Liz from Paris recalled: “she is fearless, gymnastics is filled with” dangerous somersault “. My breath. ”

In fact, despite her angelic, doll-like beauty, “I’m always a little bit bold,” she admits, smiling. “Later, I liked the thrill of adventure sports – jet skiing, pull – line, all-terrain car. So, I’m done now. ”

She had just finished high school and was going to study nursing, and when she went to shopping with a friend of Rue DE Rivoli, a model scout spotted her. After that, things happened very quickly. New York director Ashley Brokaw put Aya in Prada’s milan show in spring 2015. It’s a big debut. “People really look forward to Prada’s new face and everyone notices Aya,” brokaw recalled.

What makes a group of features describe our moments? For FrancoisNars, it was the naivete of innocence, combined with a myriad of power reserves that made him the face of naerth cosmetics in the fall of 2016. “It’s a complete look,” he said the movement, twill movement with a huge black, and a young Diana Ross leads (David Diana Ross) – a capable of black beauty of the visual, immediately become mysterious. “A lot of the inspiration came from the 1970s, but Aya made it very fresh and very accurate,” Nars said.

Just a few months after the photos were taken, she was lying in a hospital in Thailand, needing each of her powers and all the support of her close family to maintain her. Her mother, a retired physiotherapist, has been around her. “During the full year of her recovery, I never heard her complain unless her brother left Thailand two weeks later,” she recalls. Then she cried for an hour. ”

They watched some silly movies: Les Tuche, or FrancoisL ’embrouille (a Belgian comedian with candid camera tricks). They are determined to face the excitement of questioning and questioning.

Aya maintains fashion on social media. Is it difficult for her to watch the glamorous work of her colleagues and walk on Instagram? I asked. “No,” she insisted. “I’m happy for my friends,” including Imaan Hammam, Angel Rutledge and Aamito Lagum. “Seeing their photos makes me hope we’ll be together again soon.”

Back in Paris, arya’s bones took five months to sustain her body weight, and she would spend another six months relearning how to walk. Hamam visited aya in Paris in April. The two models took a photo of Vogue in Los Angeles several years ago and have been linked by their Shared love of music, hip hop, rhythm and blues, especially contemporary African music. (they are big fans of Nigerian singer/songwriter Wizkid.)

They dined at a restaurant. “My heart is full,” hamam said. “I see it again. “She’s the same girl. She told me she was learning to walk into high heels again. I have butterflies. ”

In the first year of the accident, she returned to work as a model, flying from Paris to Barcelona to shoot advertisements for mango. When we met in October, she had just sailed on top runways in New York, milan and Paris, including Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, dolce & gabbana and Alexander McQueen.

The right arm, leg and belly scar are easily covered up by makeup. Her movement has returned to normal. Although her arms and legs have metal bars, she is still very elegant. Her booking calendar is full.

The determination to succeed was not shaken. “My role model in fashion is Naomi Campbell. The truth is, I want her career, “she admits, giggling at her ferocious ambition. She said she also started taking action lessons to see Natalie portman’s “combination of vulnerability and intelligence, softness and strength”.

So what has changed? One of the reasons she lost her boyfriend was that he was supportive during the crisis, but as her strength returned, he proved unreliable. “Now, I focus on myself,” she says. She loves traveling, listening to music, hanging out with friends.

The main change was within her. “I know I have the power to deal with anything,” she says. “I have 200 percent appreciation, little joy and moments of joy. I now know that life hangs on the line and everything can be stopped in a flash. So I am more grateful than ever. “


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