What do elon musk, oprah winfrey, warren buffett and other business titans have on their desks?


What do elon musk, oprah winfrey, warren buffett and other business titans have on their desks?

What are the desks of business giants like Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey? We can imagine all sorts of possibilities, such as the hidden scotch and the “sun tzu” dog ear. Or pressure balls and scented candles.

Look at these nine business giants and their must-have desk supplies

There is nothing special about the musk desk at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, calif., though the desktop setup looks as if he’s already clearly thinking. Musk has a corner desk, a pile of books, a rocket ship model and his computer, neatly placed across the window. Another empty table sits on the other side of the chair, so he can swing from his computer and hold a meeting.

Like everyone on Facebook, including mark zuckerberg, sandberg has an open working space. However, according to a 2015 article in Chicago’s BBS newspaper, the coo spends most of its time meeting in a meeting room, where she puts the table next to the table. Some of her personal effects on the table? Lip balm, hand weight, giant diet coke and a rubber therapy stick are used to treat her wrist pain when she writes Lean In.

Huffington works from her office in Soho, New York City, and Thrive Global office (also in Soho). In the office, founder of the huffington post said, “in our office, all the tables can be adjusted, to be standing on the table, we also have a treadmill desk and nap pods.”

At home, sleep advocates purposefully put her desk away from the bed. On her desk, there are several upscale ceramic bowls with stickers and paperclips, and a covered lacquer box to hide her schoolbag. She told the New York times: “I hid everything and forgot.

Zuckerberg sits at the open desk, and from Facebook live video in 2015, the CEO offers a new Facebook headquarters tour. Though he may have two children on the table today, but since 2015, he put on the table there are some conventional products: him as “books” challenges a stack of books to read, a MacBook and wireless speakers, some Facebook logo items T-shirt and blue dinosaur) – oh, yes – Facebook’s satellite AMOS – 6 model is working. (it was destroyed as part of the payload that failed SpaceX in 2016.)

Deoxyribonucleic entrepreneurs don’t use her desk so much, so her desk is where she and her laptop are. Wojcicki notes that she likes to work anywhere, except for her desk, such as in a cafe (she has a farm to table cafe in Los Altos, calif.). Although she has an open office in her office headquarters, you may not find her there. She tends to take her laptop from the staff’s snack bar, or in the office behind closed doors.

Back in 2006, gates was still Microsoft’s chief executive. His desk was simple, without papers and books, reflecting his digital work style at the time. On his desk, gates said, he kept three computer screens “synchronized to a desktop” that significantly improved productivity.

Mr Buffett’s desk reflects his attachment to the past, doing things the old-fashioned way. His desk USES landlines in most business transactions, and he doesn’t have a computer. Even the table is old – this is his father’s table, which has been around for more than 80 years. His desk also had a model train that once belonged to his father. It is clear that buffett’s father, investor and politician, has a place in oracle’s heart. He told CBS news:

“I have never seen what my father has done in his life, and you won’t feel good on the front page of the newspaper. He gave me unconditional love. He supported everything I did. He is a great man.


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