AKABO: the first fashion house in Luxembourg


AKABO: the first fashion house in Luxembourg

The luxembourg-based family is really aware of the environment and what they are wearing and who is struggling to find stores that offer modern, ethical and responsible clothing. As it seems impossible to find, the parents of the three children decided to open their stores to sell the cool, sustainable fashion. But this store shouldn’t be a normal store. It’s going to be a store, it’s going to be moving…

Ethical clothing is the guiding principle of the Akabo fashion bus, and the fashion projects of Lyne and Karel Lambert are enthusiastic musicians and parents. Carrell’s bus, which was discovered in Germany last year, has fully recovered and turned into a boutique. Show the concept of their mobile fashion stores to different international fashion brands, and they all believe that this is a good idea that they must participate in! This is where Lyne and Karel have the opportunity to represent the coolest, most ethical and responsible brands in the real fashion market.

After a year of planning and preparation, the fashion bus started from April this year, and first opened a wheel concept store.

We are very pleased that in this Sunday Brunch Printanier “fair trade”, was found in Steinfort Akobo (name of the ancient Indian dialects are no longer mention) fashion in bus “Brunch Printanier fair trade”, by the way, this is a good concept of fair trade and local products, we hope that we will be on again!

As I’ve heard before, I’m happy to finally find it. I must admit: congratulations! It’s really an interesting, alternative way to discover the ecological and sustainable way to produce young and cool fashion brands. We have a chance to discover some new fashion brands

Solution: leisure, city and north German clothing

WEWOOD: the watch is made of wood

BeWooden: modern design that meets traditional manual work

Bag of life: transform old materials into design objects to revitalise them

Palo: the high-end wooden glasses brand from Barcelona

Skateboard recycling: turn used skateboards into jewelry and other useful items

Those are just a choice of the Akabo Fashion Bus brand. Feel free to enter and find all of your great brands and tags it carries. In fact, the bus stops ata Naturata store every day around the country. You can check its schedule on Akabo Fashion Bus’s website. You can also rent your activities, parties and other public buses.

Moral and responsible fashion can be very clever and cool!


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