The tourism delegation Shared the story of the hurricane recovery at the tourism conference


The tourism delegation Shared the story of the hurricane recovery at the tourism conference

Delegation from VI tourism bureau and other institutions to Mexico last week merida and Dallas, Texas, who tells the story from September and maria hurricanes, hard – in Florida Caribbean cruise association cruise conference and trade show.

In Dallas, six teams met with American airlines officials, according to the tourism department on Wednesday.

Tourism bureau Beverly Nicholson – Doty said: “the storm coming in September, the U.S. virgin islands are from disaster relief to recovery, thanks to FCCA and its members, to participate in and support, help restore to the destination cruise business. . “Taking part in this meeting is an important step in our reconstruction plan.”

The FCCA meeting with Nicholson-Doty is led by WICO and VI port authority and west India limited, including WICO CEO Clifford Graham and VIPA executive director David Mapp. They have one-on-one meetings with cruise industry partners such as carnival, Disney cruise, Mediterranean cruise and royal Caribbean international.

In addition to attend the group discussion and conference on the status of the cruise industry, USVI represented in FCCA is a special meeting on the crisis management, to discuss the recent hurricane preparation, such as disaster communications, such as housing and relief problems.

“We know that when the first ships return this week, our cruise lines will not return to the pre-storm conditions, but we are making great progress,” said Nicholson dottie. We look to our partner agencies and business groups to ensure that we are ready to answer the first phone call. ”

American airlines with Dallas in the Caribbean leadership team meeting, VI group reviewed in the coming months the company plans to major cities in the United States to provide services, and operations in recent years with the tourism sector for the feedback.

“American airlines over the years has been the us virgin islands a powerful air transport partners, we hope to continue to work together to ensure that residents and visitors have a lot of reliable choice between destinations,” Nicholson – Doty said. .

In Dallas, the commissioner has contact with members of the media, including a TV show “morning dose” live TV interview, this is a joint on KDAF – TV morning show, where she Shared a hurricane travel and tourism after the news about the destination.

Nicholson – Doty also met with “the Wall Street journal” Dallas bureau of tourism editor Scott McCartney (Scott McCartney), is introduced, and maria hurricane in local tourism, infrastructure, and the influence of economic activity.

The Dallas area listeners also heard about David Rancken on CBS radio.


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