Guide to health and health goals: | fitness first blog

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Guide to health and health goals: | fitness first blog

How many times have you told yourself?

“That’s it, I’m going to do it this time!” ?

We have to ourselves, to our friends and family said, this is what we actually to implement or begin to do something for our health and fitness, start exercising, get the amount of muscle, fat, running every day in the morning, and so on and so on.

But actually we just did it for a couple of weeks, and if we really started, then we started to fade out.

I’m sure most of us have heard about goals and the importance of setting them, but have we done that? We can easily say that we want to hold a marathon in six months, but what are our failures and actions there? Where do I need to go in three months to achieve this goal? What about the month? What about next week? What shall I do tomorrow? There are many ways to set your goals, but the last few years have been more effective for me as SMART structures, each letter representing a specific word that will help you set your goals. Here’s how it works:

In acronyms A, some people use it, and I’d better use the Action plan because it lets you know what you need to do to accomplish this. So now we know what the goal of SMART is, let’s take a marathon example to see how it works:

It is very common, you first choose based on time, then you go to the reality, if you think your goals are realistic, but you are in the schedule of it may be not enough, so I always advise first given a deadline, and then realized that whether reality. But this is just the beginning, this is the part that everyone can get, and then the incentive starts to break, “actually, just six months later, why should I start now? I can only start next week, and actually I’m busy now, even worse, the marathon is too much for me, what am I thinking?

This is when you need an action plan and a baby step to get there..

You know that you will be trained five times a week, but do you need to train for one month? There’s nothing better than breaking down your big goals to help your small goals, because never come today, from point A to point B, you can always use the timeline, the work.

Point A (today) _________________________________________________ point B (marathon)

Today is “A”, “B” is the 6-month malakon day, you start at the marathon, go back and know what steps you need to take. You can start by choosing where you want to go:

Point A (today) ___________________________ | _____________________ point B (marathon)

3 months – running 21 km

By building this structure, it will begin to give you the steps of the idea, so now it’s time to break it down into smaller pieces:

A (today) _ 1… 2… 3 the… four… five… six ____ B (marathon) now, you have your own target, under the SMART goals, develop A plan of action and the details of small targets, you can track progress and keep the whole process of power, as I mentioned before, if the target distance too far or too far today, easy to lose the power, but more importantly, when you have these achievements, you have to celebrate and reward yourself, they are great achievements, what brought you to the big picture. We use the same things in real life, we don’t want to, baby, for example, we know that they will eventually run, but we also know that before they go, they would stand up, but never climb, so we know “baby steps” where they practice? We don’t realize it every day, but we’re always enthusiastic about celebrating, taking photos and videos, and sharing it with our family and friends. For your health goals, your baby steps are the same.

No matter what is your current fitness goals, whether it is exercise, start eating healthier, more active lifestyle, always make sure that you know exactly what you are chasing what, develop a plan of action and know their place for a short time, if necessary, print out a piece of paper, or even write it on the sticker and put it on the table, refrigerator, and even on the phone’s wallpaper, but be sure to can see every day


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