How to get six packs without joining a gym


How to get six packs without joining a gym

Want to get an enviable abs without breaking a bank?

We may be as far away from the beach season as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should drop your fitness level. Chunky jumping athletes and thick winter coats may mask the deterioration of your body, but at these levels you should still be aiming for an enviable abs.

But how do you continue to exercise your abs without going to the gym? Lloyd Bridger, LDN Muscle personal trainer and co-founder, helping to change around the world hundreds of thousands of men’s life and body, told the Gentleman ‘s Journal, how in the case of not to join a gym to establish a solid six packaging.

Watch your diet

“You may have heard that the hunger strike is done in the kitchen,” bridger said. “it’s actually one of the few health quotes.

“Having a visible abdominal muscle almost entirely depends on the overall level of your body fat, and the biggest impact is on your diet. To lose weight and lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn each day, forcing your body to burn stored fat to gain energy.

“Eating 300 to 400 calories per day is the starting point.”

Don’t overdo the heart

“High intensity interval training, in the past few years, is known as the HIIT cardio, has become very fashionable,” continued personal trainer, “some coach claims you every week to do this or another kind of aerobic exercise.

“If you want to lose weight and keep it off, that’s not the way to do it. Daily training is unrealistic and can quickly lead to burns or injuries.

Instead, start two to three cardio workouts a week, and when your fat slows down, you can start further training. ”

Invest some weight

Bridge smiled and said: “we all have a friend, they don’t succeed, there is still a abs, but compare their abdominal muscles to like Michael Phelps or cristiano ronaldo this player. “Athletes have deeper, more defined abs because they have built muscles around the abdomen and abdomen and have low overall fat.

“So, in order to build muscle, you need to put the body under enough pressure to get used to the body, and after 4-6 weeks of resistance training, it’s usually not enough to just weigh yourself,” he said.

“At this point, invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells that can weigh up to 20kg each. Of course, if you want a top family gym, you can also invest in Olympic bars, squats and adjustable benches – doing so can effectively hit every muscle group!

It’s not just sit-ups

Bridger suggested: “doing sit-ups can only lead to a nervous neck, not a chisel.

“Combined exercise or multi-joint motion, such as squatting, lifting, or even lying down will increase your core and muscle mass in this area by more than the unweighted AB exercise.

“Try to do increase the body exercise twice a week, including increasing sit-ups – try three sets of 12 times – and an unweighted AB exercises, such as bicycle crunches – try to three groups of 20 times – in two training, you will soon start to create deep, clear abs. ”

Try Tabata

“Tabata is a quick and effective form of aerobics, when you press time,” completing a personal trainer. “It takes just four minutes per round, which is a killer exercise and burns a lot of calories during and after workouts.

“You go for 20 seconds with 100 percent effort, then take 10 seconds off and repeat these 8 times. This is a round although we recommend starting at the low end, but the exercise can be done in 3 rounds.

“For running or cycling such aerobics also apply, because it is suitable for weight training, such as burpees or mountaineer – so the next time you feel you don’t have time to exercise, it will make you the way to create a solid six pack”.


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