You will need these tools in the next kite surfing adventure


You will need these tools in the next kite surfing adventure

1. Use “all zinc” in your next session

Zinc Zapper is from Sun Zapper

Why do you need it?

No matter how good your sunscreen is and how high it is, almost all the kittens you see coming out of the water will bask in the sun on their cheeks and noses. I’ve tried hundreds of things, and the only thing that really works is the zinc rod.

An unexpected advantage

Do you have a secret plus factor: you will encounter so many smiling faces of the people on the beach, and so many links, everyone wanted to talk to you, to them to know what this is all the color, just choose your favorite one, put on warrior style is prevented bask in! Just one suggestion – make sure it’s one of them, not a tube, because it’s easier to use and doesn’t need to wash your hands.

Where to get them

If you are from England, you can order here, in Germany you can get them here, if you are from the United States, you can get it here.

If you still think you don’t need sun protection, just look at this little reminder: “how the sun looks at you”

Capture your adventure from the best Angle

GoPro + GoPro line installation

Thanks to my brother, I have some professional mounts, and you can even think of not even using most of them. For the simple reason, after the test, I realised: the best time to catch your kite surfing meeting three of the best ways is my personal board installation, since the shaft and – by far the most spectacular – kiteline installation!

Looking at the world from above, and shooting you out of this perspective just looks amazing – even more so, if you’re at your destination the water here looks amazing Hamata.

The best place to fly a kite in the world: wrapped in a fluffy kite surfing rain cape

Kite-surfing raindrops (and hoodies) pass Vanone

After the wind and rain after the kite, nothing better than snuggling in the comfortable rain. Especially if it’s fluffy and warm like Vanone. This usually a slightly odd shape of the poncho looks more glorious and the popular bus stitches in front of the style/dream-factor, more “hooded view” thanks to the rope. Let me think about the next adventure (maybe on a Volkswagen bus off the coast of Portugal) and snuggle in the soft wind.

If you are interested in Espresso, as you are surfing, this will achieve your wildest coffee dreams!


The most important thing in choosing a spot is the conditions for kite surfing. And the most amazing sights tend to be everywhere, sometimes in small fishing villages or small islands like los rox.

I looked at a lot of options and was very pleased with my decision to buy this “manual” espresso machine, which even has coffee on it and doesn’t require electricity. Its design is very simple and produces an espresso, just like your local Italian bar.

Collect a lifetime of images from your kite and kite friends

Tiny but powerful 64 GB USB sticks countless times on my kite surfing trip

My hard drive is full on my laptop, because I have so many GoPro material or

I’ve met people travel the picture of me, I don’t have a USB stick, so we have to find a solution, via a poor E-mail connection to send or I never get them, because they forget.

So last year I bought this 64GB little USB stick (I know right? !!!!!!!!! ), so all the problems are solved immediately, not even taking up too much space. The only problem? It’s too small to be lost, so attach it to something so you can still find it in your backpack.

Replace your own physiotherapist to relax your muscles

Blackroll Duoball

After a long journey and a hard time flying kites, you can save your life

The longer the kite travels, the more painful you will be if you push your boundaries at every link. So if you can’t get a physical therapist to treat you or get a massage every day, I have an alternative: Blackroll Duoball. I prefer a small version of 8cm because it doesn’t take up much space.

How to use it

This is super light that can help you massage deeper into your muscles, and you can use it very punctually. After I’ve been surfing a few times, I like to use it for my neck and back, and I just stand on them, massaging your feet feels great. But you can also use it to massage your upper arm (after practicing those decoupling techniques). (after a hard workout, you must try to catch up). Yes, you see, this little miracle toy is very warm-hearted.

Low budget DIY version

If you don’t mind more improvisation and weight, you can try a DIY version: put two tennis balls in a sock, and you go! It’s a little soft, so it’s not as good as Blackroll, but cheap and easy!


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