Forbes: new business star of Central America Nicaragua.


Forbes: new business star of Central America Nicaragua.

Conclusion: Nicaragua’s economy is to create the expectation of investors had never seen before, even better, in some key areas of business, not a businessman should not miss the important commercial activity is in the incubation, the famous “Forbes” magazine on a wide range of special report, by his stringer enrique fernando torres.

The article points out that free trade zone plays an important role in national economy. Total exports more than $2014 in 2.6 billion, the traditional exports about $3.6 billion, highlights in Nicaragua has specialized in garment industry, automobile manufacturing, tobacco and call center companies, these companies to use free of commercial interests, they constitute the Nicaragua part of economic growth in recent years.

It noted that the government’s policy of reviving the free zone had led to an increase in exports, which in 2006 amounted to only $300m, leading to new developments in export industries. Actively participated in Nicaragua’s nine-year operation.

“Forbes”, said Nicaragua’s economic pattern began to change from 2007, when a group of local businessmen use conditions, facing the change of government, to introduce more to participate in the activities of legislation, from then on, the constitution has established consensus, even in the new “chamber method”.

“In 92 members of the national assembly, we have no MPS, but each decision about national economic model must negotiate jointly by representatives of the business and the government and approval.” JoseAdanAguerri, President of COSEP, told Forbes.

“Forbes”, further stressed that in recent years, tourism and remittances, Nicaragua, and because of the economic performance, now it’s easy to find a hotel and residential and commercial real estate development construction project. Rodrigo Pereira, President of the chamber, says the construction industry has grown by an average of 30 per cent a year since 2010.

Wait for the great project.

The “ocean canal” is a major infrastructure project in Nicaragua. “Once the beijing-hangzhou canal on the other side of the ocean starts operating, our economic growth rate will increase from 4.7% now to 10% annually,” said AlvaroBaltodano, the President’s investment representative.

Rodrigo Pereira, chairman of the chamber, told Forbes that “the canal will bring in more than 50,000 direct jobs, of which 25,000 will come from Nicaragua”.

He points out that the economic spilt will extend to companies like Mexico’s CEMEX, which opened a factory in managua last August with an investment of $30 million. Nicaragua, Yuri DE los Santos, its manager, lamas (Yuri DE los Santos Llamas) said: “when we settle down in Nicaragua, we don’t know the canal construction, now we are very excited about this project.


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