10 step movement, quick relief of any back, hip and knee pain!


10 step movement, quick relief of any back, hip and knee pain!

Most of us have to face back pain at some point in our lives.

In some cases, it becomes more serious because it can become chronic rather than dealing with the pain of the day.

The trigger may be different, never standing or sitting in a different body position.

Fortunately, in this article, we have to provide you with the 10 simple steps to practice, not only can relieve your back pain, they can also relieve any of the hip and knee pain.

If you often do enough, you will notice a difference and, in addition to providing much-needed pain relief, these exercises will improve posture and balance.

Why feet?

Your feet are important because they control your whole body posture, balance, and even pain.

In other words, we should be thankful for their daily actions – they bear a heavy burden.

Therefore, only proper care of them can optimize the health of the body.

The sad truth is that as we get older, our feet get worse, and they become more and more vulnerable to our full weight and normal work.

But if you exercise regularly, you can improve your blood circulation and strengthen your muscles, which can hinder the balance problems that arise with age.

After all, your balance is related to your posture. It involves the correct alignment of your muscles and bones to keep you upright.

A study of the problem showed that women in high heels had a greater chance of experiencing lower back pain regularly.

But don’t keep looking at the dark side. Here are 10 exercises we’ve promised.

1. Toes: press

Before doing any exercise (they don’t have to be feet related), they need to heat their toes. You heard us.

If you press your toes, you will improve blood flow and relax your feet. All you need to do is stand up, bend your knees a little, and use your toes to master the ground.

Now, stay in this position for three seconds. To get the best results, and to keep your toes on, practice three times a day.

Toe: walk

This exercise makes you walk for 20 seconds like a ballerina. This is done to strengthen your toes, ligaments and muscles.

It is best to do this exercise twice a day for five consecutive times. Of course, take a break in the middle.

If at first you don’t worry, you’ll need to stick to the wall for support – your balance will improve over time. Practice makes perfect!

Ankle: circle

This will definitely ease any ankle, knee or hip pain you might have. You see, the pain in these places is the result of incorrect body posture.

What you need to do is lie on your back and bend your legs up. Now, just stretch one leg above your body.

Continue to rotate the ankle clockwise for about 10 seconds, then rotate the ankle counterclockwise.

Now repeat the whole process with the other ankle. It’s best to repeat these two times a day.

4. Resistance: band

For this exercise, as the title suggests, you will need a band. Put your legs in front of you and sit on the floor.

Now surround the band on a sheet or chair, and on the other side.

Now slip back from your seat until you get some tension. Continue to bend your feet backward and hold them for 5 seconds.

Now just release and repeat the exercise 10 times.

Toes: grab the pencil.

This exercise is easy to do, the title says everything: all you do is grab a pencil with your toes and hold it for 10 seconds.

A quick and simple exercise like this can be done anywhere. Do it two or three times a week, five times a week.

6. Feet: massage

You may have heard of this technique: take a tennis ball, move it over your foot, and start at the second toe.

Do it for about one to three minutes, then repeat the other foot.

Ankle: stretch

Stand against the wall. Now keep one leg in front of you and bend your knees slightly.

Move your hips toward the wall, but keep your heels on the ground. Now do this for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Now repeat with the same leg, and then proceed to the next iteration.

Toe: stretch

Your starting position is sitting your left leg should be on your right thigh.

Now hold on to your toes with your right hand and shake hands as if you were holding someone’s hand.

Now just stretch your toes for 10 seconds. Repeat twice, then do the same thing with the other foot.

9. High heels

Sit on the ground with one leg in front of you in a stretch. The other leg should be under your thigh.

Now, bend forward, grab your toes, and slowly press your toes in the opposite direction.

Do about 30 seconds, then repeat the whole process with another leg. It’s best to do it twice.

Toes and legs: stretch upwards.

Start with your back and continue to stretch your legs in front of you.

Now use a towel to help lift one of your legs, then straighten your knees and slowly pull it toward your head.


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