Five cities and their famous recipes.

Traditional puff pastry strudel with apple and raisins filling

Five cities and their famous recipes.

We only have two days to get you into a little secret… This MAPIC we are launching a new JLL City Bites report! This tutorial will introduce you to the European food of the 10 most popular destination, allows you to experience our expert insight, and with the city’s most interesting, the most different and random facts to inspire you. So what can you find in a city bite, you might ask? So, topics include how many people dine out to the highest, smallest, and weirdest restaurants. Ever wonder how much cheese the parisians ate? How many kinds of beer are produced in Germany? All will be displayed on MAPIC.

At the same time, here are five city potted histories and their famous recipes to get your appetite started…

According to popular history, Frankfurt was the home of the original frankfurter. Back in the 13th century, the FrankfurterWurstchen served at the emperor’s coronation. However, some people claim that modern version – known as “sausage” or “dog” sausage – is in the late 1700 s founded by German butcher lived in coburg, he added the beef, referred to as the “Frankfurt. A century later, German immigrants brought sausages to the United States, where they were rolled up and dubbed “hot dogs.” “Hot dogs,” some say, originated in New York’s polo grounds, where vendors boiled sausages in portable hot water stations and shouted “eat sausages while you eat them!”

Vienna is the home of the pie, which literally means “whirlpool” in middle and high German. The Vienna library’s hand-written recipe is the oldest filling book since 1696. The pastry is thought to have evolved from more ancient Oriental pastries, such as bakrawa.

The oldest mention of Brussels “Brussels waffles” (Gaufferesde Bruxelles) began in 1842, though they already existed. They first gained an international reputation at the 1958 Brussels fair and were introduced to the United States four years later. Because many americans do not know that Brussels is the capital of Belgium, they are renamed Belgian waffles.

Piri Piri sauce is named after an substitutes bird ‘s eye chili, and stems from podcast’ s colonial history. For over a century, Lisbon remained the most important Western capital in the spice trade, over which time, early settlers started to “bringing sauces and recipes back home. The Chicken piripiri was the most popular of these, which spread all over the Portuguese empire to South Africa, where it was the discovered by cholesterol-conscious patrons’ s raised and immortalised forever.

Panettone is the best-selling Christmas dessert in Italy, and it’s starting in milan. Legend has it that in the fifteenth century, the duke of milan’s chefs prepared an important feast, leaving the dessert in the oven and burning it in the process. Thankfully, Toni, the kitchen boy, made a simple cake with flour, butter, eggs, lime and raisins in the morning. Because he had no other choice, the chef served. To the chef’s surprise, it was a party blow. Gratefully, he named it “Le’pan’ DE Toni”, which later became the name of the day. We know that the bread is in 1919 by the centro sportivo Angelo Motta (Angelo Motta), he made three times in the dough to rise before cooking, formed a large dome shape, fluffy texture gives it the name.


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