Garbage and expansion in public places: annual carts and gifts for millions of people.


Garbage and expansion in public places: annual carts and gifts for millions of people.

We’re in December. The last month of the year is usually spent more on year-end gifts and advertising devices such as companies and state-run companies.

If we take note of the efforts made to achieve the marketing of the company and the company, it should also be noted that this is a boon for all misappropriation and misappropriation of public funds.

In this period, we see that managers are more conscientious in their work, and sometimes even as designers, the only decision-makers and consumer leaders are deceiving their eyes. They are the only ones who discuss with suppliers and are often outside of the work environment. That’s because it’s the crazy spending behind the taxpayers of Togo, especially the long-awaited moment on behalf of the country’s highest authority.

The so-called New Year gift is the supreme authority of the country.

Many directors believe that unfortunate and discontent competition intelligence got their crates just making millions of African franc late opening service and head to provide them with a box of wine, liqueur and champagne.

If their first intention is indeed to provide the image of their structure, the facts are quite different. We take advantage of this opportunity or the habits that these directors cherish, and they become sweet. The name and address of the country’s highest authority is known as the last recipient of corporate and corporate financial exaggeration, corruption and financial ruin.

We remember that at a port company, the annual quarter-end gift cost more than 100 million African francs. There are tens of millions of FCFA in corporate and private and national institutions just to please. It goes without saying that we can easily get sugar. It’s an excuse to invent gadgets and gifts. Some structures do not even hesitate in this effective New Year. Just to get enough money from the company and the company, and finally to share it among the various actors in the bad behavior.

It was at this point that the accountants took turns, because they were at the heart of all these misappropriations. In some societies, they are the first negotiators. Those claimants should bear any form of commitment and commitment. If they find it themselves, then your papers are sealed. And for overpaying bills, they (most) allow themselves to collect what they have promised at the source. Or in another example, we are witnessing the barter trade of the old days of slavery. So they managed to make a small fortune, to laugh at honest citizens, and to do their job well.

The need to control New Year’s gift spending.

For good public and private financial management, today’s authorized voices better control these types of activities and costs and society in the company. This is in line with the interests of good policies advocated by the head of state, and in particular, the necessary conditions for all of us. When we talk about the unequal distribution of wealth, these bad behaviors are found there.

Another area to watch closely is the calendar and diary commands. From our survey, we think that some directors are better at transferring and eating, preferring to order their gadgets abroad. This program will certainly enable them to receive as many invoices as possible and often collude with service providers. As a result, they have a higher percentage, which ultimately costs the company a lot of money, including transportation, customs and delivery. As long as the retro commission is considerable, we don’t care about these other expenses. In other cases, managers can award them a large amount of money in the company they provide to win contracts.

This starts with the overinvoicing of service providers and the damaging effects on the company’s finances. It should be noted here that, for most year-end gift orders, there is usually only the general manager and chief financial officer of the decision-making center. In short, procurement rules are not respected.

Some circumvent these rules by waiting for a few days at the end of the year to order or give gifts, putting the whole chain of control before the facts.

We hijack the heads of state and the highest authorities.

In order to prove high spending years high-end gifts, certain directors and corruption, head don’t hesitate, shaking his head of state the name and the highest authorities of our country as a New Year gift, the cost in the eyes of the recipient or even paralysis and private enterprise financial for a long time. When we talk about the supreme authority, but it is still some directors and managers who criticize things, and want to keep your seat in spite of all, in these practices of embezzlement and waste of wealth. They are so ingenious that they even threaten high-ranking colleagues, military and security personnel.

In most cases, novels that are so exaggerated and ordered are not. Even if it is ordered, especially in small amounts, it is not possible to reach all preset directories, especially those that involve the transfer.

This money needs to be used to finance new development projects.

To analysis, especially to achieve one hundred million yuan at the end of the production of gifts, we realized that the diverted funds can provide funding for development projects, which provide employment for the public and private enterprise youth and employment opportunities. Now is the time to stop spreading and squandering wealth. Moreover, these huge sums of money can be used to improve the lives and working conditions of employees in state-owned enterprises.

The conditions of life and work are out of date. Most employees have pulled their tails, not even benefiting from their orders and unfairly distributing them. Some companies and companies often struggle to set a timetable. For bottled wines, liqueurs and champagne, we don’t even talk about it.

In this case, serious is that everything is behind the highest authority in the country and, in the name of the country’s most people don’t even know that is not the beneficiary of the gift. They just use their names, their positions to divert and waste public and private finance.

We have hijacked in the name of the head of state, and we have taken the opportunity to defile the image of the good governance policies advocated by the President of the republic. We represent the threat of the head of state. We turned away in his name. We flew in his name. He is poor!

In our January 2015 issue, we are happy to provide you with some data on the year-end gift spending for some companies and companies. We’ve seen this in the last few years. History allows us to compare inflation and evolution.


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