Kim: choose a major based on your lifestyle.


Kim: choose a major based on your lifestyle.

Not all of the people with special architecture education are sitting in the project office drawing program. The first channel’s main artist, Wowhaus partner Dmitry Likin, is a man who does not quit the construction industry and succeeds in achieving his talent in the creative industry.

Dmitry Likin was one of the most interesting guests at the open city conference; So we decided to publish his full speech in Elena Gonzalez’s conference, career path.

Choose a career based on your lifestyle.

When I want to enter university, I don’t remember I think twice about what’s going on in my head – perhaps is Frank Wright (Frank Wright) and some of the popular at that time the name of the modernism, such as the architect (Eisenmann). Now, when a person to get things he is doing the different name, I will become a designer, he can create such a “smooth”, so “smart” perfect image of the future, through all the words that is commonly used in speech.

And then you start to explain that the design is not “smooth”, it’s 80,000 hours, you’re sitting in front of a monitor, and that’s the real part of your life.

If you have more intrinsic motivation than anything related to this lifestyle, take design. But there are few such people. Most novices give up, and unless they’re really crazy, the combination of curvature means a lot to them.

The same is true for architecture. I can’t do the same thing every day. I really admire my colleagues who do the “hardware” of the industry every day. But I can’t imagine that I had to use this rock to combine this rock with this window and kill the whole week. I want to die. That’s not my cup of tea.

I’m interested in architecture, but in fact it’s not the “body” of architecture, it’s important to understand that this industry usually includes such things.

This profession does not include what you said at the meeting, they are inventing these beautiful new objects, beautiful sceneries, etc. In fact, you spend a lot of time doing detailed calculations, drawing, checking, and making models. If for some reason you are interested, you can do so. If you know your personality is a little different, don’t deceive yourself, you should not go into this kind of thing.

Once, in my daughter graduate from a British university teachers – parents meeting, they told us, “my dear parents, we need a lot of things in the UK – we are concerned that we don’t have enough people to toast or work as a nurse, we have almost no air traffic controllers from Switzerland – we must hire them, and pay them so much money. But, of course, we don’t meet designers, architects and other creative workers. Because everyone wants to do a good job in a nice office and say nice things to their clients.

Try to understand that no one is pulling your child’s ear. We vowed to answer all their questions, but if they didn’t ask them, we wouldn’t give them guidance.

Being an employee of the creative industry is a must.

This is the basic difference between English and Russian way, we pull the student to the ear, give them for propaganda – “come on, you are a coward, pull themselves together, to go to a seminar, attend a seminar… “The situation in England is different – you have to deal with it yourself, which is very helpful in shaping the quality of the person who has passed this filter. This rather cruel system put children in a competitive environment from the very beginning, not only to be smart, but also to be creative and master their own life.

If he has his own organization, the workflow rather than the interests of forever on the working process, and complete the training course, it is found that the people in addition to his ability to create, has a strong will, to control oneself, others, I must say that this is purely building ability – so you are welcome to join the club, you meet the requirements, you can start to work with us, you’re a real architect.

I agree with the architect’s basic ability to guide, build chaos and oppose entropy.

It seems to me that we have given up on very important issues when we choose our careers. What should be considered before entering university – when you are ready to take a few days to work on a project, or about a way of life, some happy things, such as speech and party, design chaos problem? If it’s the latter, then you shouldn’t be an architect; It’s a great education, but it’s not that.

If education allows you to move forward – move!

About the artist

It is important to know whether you are an artist or an artistic director. The difference is that the artist constantly presents himself, and he passes on his talents to people, a city and the world. Artists always want to express themselves. In extreme cases, this is a person who thinks every sneeze deserves a decent memory. There are a lot of these people – from Michelangelo to nyx safonov. They are all different qualities, but they are real artists.

Art directors build self-identity around the brain, not around talent. An artistic director never appears, he just responds to the challenge. These are two different professions. Served as director of art, in certain cases you begin your implementation, and you see your professional creed is to provide the most professional environmental response, rather than impose your own vision to the customer.

And then, often, you go to the next stage — a producer, and you start to form the environment where you have to work. It is not a hierarchical system, neither qualitative nor quantitative, but the most likely is that this person’s nature cannot be ignored. As far as I am concerned, once I realize that I am more interested in manipulating the environment and implementing some larger communication processes.

As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of them – I still participate in some art related processes, such as the recently opened “film time” exhibition, which I implemented according to the requirements of VDNH. I spent a lot of time in the media.

Everything you see on channel one, except for the appearance of the host – is my ability.

I’m interested in architecture as a medium, not because of its plastic language. I did a lot of work, from the Crimean embankment, the Strelka institute, the pioneer movie theater to many other people.

Personally, I don’t care what I do. I don’t think of myself as an artist, so generally speaking, I treat my colleagues easily as a real artist. I have no right to claim the fame of a true artist, his picture or the author’s attitude deserves some incredible promotion. But the advantage of my position is that I like “Kolobok” to move from one area to another in the Moscow concept school, avoiding “recognition” and “fix” in the field of death.


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