Travel: six destinations in the sun for the winter.


Travel: six destinations in the sun for the winter.

Want to leave the gray of winter to the horizon of the sun? Chile, Philippines, panama… Zoom in on the best cold destination under the coconut tree.


Located in the southern hemisphere, Chile is designated by lonely planet as a trend destination for 2018, and is one of the countries that have fallen back in time compared with Europe. Avoid areas only in winter? The heart of the country, especially Santiago, is a good place to visit. When you look at the details of the range and diversity of Chile. But don’t stay at a holiday resort during your vacation! Northern deserts, Patagonia and Easter island mountains and glaciers must be visited.

Where do you stay? TripAdvisor is the best hotel for TripAdvisor travelers at the chitabatagonia hotel in southern Chile.

How much is it? Under 28 ℃

The duration of the flight? At 1430 hours.

South Africa

The ideal destination for winter sunshine: South Africa. The good news for those who often suffer from jet lag is an hour of jet lag. In addition to wildlife, stunning landscapes, hunting and hiking, the country is organizing the 100th anniversary of nelson mandela’s birth next year. On the show: sports, education and art activities, to respect the former leaders’ dear values, such as respect, passion or integrity. Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or the three… Only decision.

Where do you stay? Classic wine from excellent quality and reasonable price at the grenadines hotel in Cape Town.

How much is it? Under 28 ℃

The duration of the flight? 11.30 uninterrupted.


Senegalese, on the west coast of Africa, should be happy for those who like surfing. In Dakar, the cape Verde peninsula has made waves for locals and tourists alike. But that’s not all. The country is also famous for its vibrant music scene and beaches, which will make Rio and Venice beach almost cool. The right temperature also makes it an ideal winter destination. Since April, they have risen strongly.

Where do you stay? One of the traditional huts at M’bour’s Tama Lodge changes the landscape.

To test it, the French chef Alexandre Marinier of Lagon I was built on stilts to enjoy the magnificent view of the Goree island.

How much is it? 29 ℃ under

The duration of the flight? 5:45.

The Philippines

Between December and February, the Philippines’ climate is the best for avoiding hot weather. The main diving spots and white sand beaches of palawan island and baohe island attract many islands. Note that the country has been extended, and some islands will be visited by other islands in May, just as they are in the region of zion. If you have a chance, take a chance to pass through the capital Manila and taste the food of Spain, the United States and Japan.

Where do you stay? In the small room at the flower island resort on the island of palawan, when you wake up, your feet are on the beach.

How much is it? 26 ℃ under

The duration of the flight? No direct flights, at least 15 hours.


Uruguay is located in the south of Brazil and in the eastern part of Argentina and is particularly appreciated by the people. It is no coincidence that its liviria is nicknamed “saint trope in South America”. This success can be explained by a rich culture that combines music with art. Listed as a world heritage site, Montevideo, the capital, has a very artistic and decorative architecture. If you visit this country, it is necessary.

Where do you stay? In the historic district of Alma, and in the historic district of Montevideo, a typical Uruguayan hotel, 500 meters from the coast.

How much is it? Under 28 ℃

The duration of the flight? At 4:15 p.m.


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