The smart salon of the schwale provides personalized options for your hair care program.


The smart salon of the schwale provides personalized options for your hair care program.

As a woman with long hair and many chemical treatments, I have been concerned about the health and quality of my braids. When I heard about Schwarzkopf Professional’s new hair analyzer, I was naturally interested in its potential USES. In 2018, the company will apply the SalonLab analyzer system to Schwarzkopf salon in the United States and Europe, so that you can better understand the damage of your hair. Not only that, salon can use the knowledge to better meet your needs and make personalized shampoo on the spot. I had a quick consultation at CES in 2018 and it has impressed us so far.

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What is clear is that the system is not replacing the hairstylist. In fact, this requires experienced professionals to fill out a short questionnaire about their hair based on their observations and expertise. Schwarzkopf’s suite in Las Vegas, my major global ambassador Leslie Lawson (Lesley Lawson) attended my meeting, he quickly into my hair length, color and chemical treatment.

Then she picked up the scanner and cut her hair through the opening, just like a flat iron. Depending on the length of your hair, your stylist can scan one, two or three different points to determine the quality. As my hair fell to my waist, Lawson took a hair out of my roots and came down again.

The scanner has image sensors that capture color data and infrared sensors that measure cysteine levels, which can be sent to applications. The representative of Schwarzkopf said that when the strands of protein in the hair were broken, cysteine was produced, so the more they were, the more brittle they were. According to the scanner, my hair condition is a relatively poor 60 percent (the average of the results of the scans at different sample points), but 33 percent healthy.

After you get your results, you can use the app to pick the dye and look at the actual hue according to your original hair color. You can also override the shadow of the hair you are considering in real time with the application’s AR feature. Since we have been making appointments too long, unfortunately I didn’t try this feature. But if it works well, it can help people better communicate with their stylists what they want or what color they want to add to their skin tone and face.

At the end of the meeting, the application will be based on your data to generate a hair shampoo formula, and send it to the mentioned Schwarzkopf SalonLab customization program, the custom application is basically a shampoo “printer” at the scene. In just 45 seconds, my small sample bottle of shampoo was ready, and Customizer also spit out a small sticker that used the first two letters of my name to create an artificial element in the periodic table. The label also has a bar code that can be scanned by other partners’ salons, just fill out your formula.

I haven’t used my personalized shampoo yet, so I can’t comment on whether it really makes my hair feel better. Although custom hair products and AR apps try hair color is not new, there is no complete implementation like schwarzkov. In addition, this is a professional solution compared to competing customized recipe services, which actually USES data from your mane.

Schwarzkopf recommends that beauty salons provide SalonLab analyzer as a quality service to customers, although they do not specify how much they charge. Depending on your local store, you may be able to use the service for free, or pay a small fee. Although I haven’t gotten any real benefits from trying out this new system, I’m more confident that I can work with my stylist if we all have this kind of hair message. If I provide data about my hair quality, I will be more inclined to pay more for additional costs, such as moisturizing treatment.

For some people, this may seem like one of many service hairstylists who knows that trying to sell to you. However, when combined with the application and custom shampoo services, this feels like a more comprehensive approach that might actually be useful.


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