Before you get ready to travel… The excitement between happiness and stress!


Before you get ready to travel… The excitement between happiness and stress!

Traveling, especially in the distance, is always exciting.

Travel is already an image of our imagination and daydreams before we leave.

The beauty of the scenery, interpersonal communication, sharing is unknown, we are going to implement risk and effort, so many problems, arouses the interest of this moment, to a great start.

And before that, there was a long period of preparation…

Get ready for the trip, the places to visit, the things to do, look, the luggage, the diving equipment, when you dive, the material photos. This is also a vital photo material… Because we came back with photos is also a continuation of the journey and watch them for a few days, weeks, months or even years later, review, review, all feel indispensable means that you have to stay, to give you happiness, every day was stolen moments.

I left twice as much as I could in 15 days of the year. Two oxygen bubbles are an integral part of my busy life, and I love the rest…

I’m not a car, the art or decorative items, clothes, bags, jewelry price, beauty care, or other is feminine activities, I like finding new landscape, new faces, new taste and new feeling, only travel to me.

At the beginning of my dear meeting, I must admit that the suitcase stage was a test.

I always “more”, always “less”! Yes, I admit, I don’t know how to travel “light”, good grace…

Even in hot countries (those countries have their own preference), in principle, a sport shirt, shorts, t-shirts and two Mr Leo enough is enough, I tend to be “loaded mule” : “if, if… And in case, if it’s cold, “if it rains, if we try, if we go out at night? »

Short! I want to put on those “too much” shoes, heated discussions around him, according to him, this is useless, because at the time of our last trip, the whole stay is made of the tongue or barefoot! Well!

A few years later, I finally realized that this time I was based on my own experience (because, to be honest, there was only one really convincing person), all of which was actually quite redundant. Yes, dear, yes, it must be light!

Besides, besides, we dive! We dive with our equipment! Needless to say, though I finally got to the age of wisdom in clothes and luggage, the exercise became more complicated! The light is not enough! This is very light. Because in any case, the lights are possible!

In the best case limit to 30 kg, when you take a thorn, a combination and your regulator, even if there is a good big bag, you must sacrifice more elegance! This is the beginning of the puzzle.

Between excited and pressure, therefore, we are apart, we choose, we choose everything we may need to be carefully, don’t forget the medicine (because I have entrusted to you, even if you don’t stop, ramos travel is still not good!) Headache, stomachache, otitis media, angina pectoris, need antibiotics infection, better prediction, as many drugs as possible to treat disease! …

But leave my complaint! Because despite these “big problems”, get ready to go!

As I said to our children on a memorable trip to America… “Journey is the way”, what is it?

And you, travel light, do you manage, or are you as complex as I am?


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