Education lectures and workshops for people living with HIV.


Education lectures and workshops for people living with HIV.

The VIHDA foundation is continuing to develop training and opportunities for individual development of people living with HIV and their families. Throughout the year, our beneficiaries have the opportunity to learn about various subjects of interest, such as:

Nutrition workshop

The goal of the nutrition seminar is to educate people about a healthier diet based on specific nutritional needs. To understand the specific requirements of people living with HIV, we teach appropriate dietary habits to support their health care. As a result, the annual nutrition workshop covers topics such as nutrition for HIV and AIDS patients, maternal nutrition, nutrition for non-breastfed infants and nutrition workshops for school-age children.

These workshops include both theoretical and practical aspects to receive information in a way that allows participants to share happy times with their peers and enjoy simple, nutritious dishes.

Follow the workshop

In VIHDA foundation, we think it’s important that our patients need to have a variety of personal resources to solve the AIDS virus as a kind of chronic health conditions, need constant care and attention, rather than the death penalty. However, this simple premise is often challenging for new diagnoses.

Adherence to AIDS treatment includes daily drug use, medical appointments, social psychological assistance, and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we use practice and games in seminars to enable patients to control their health and promote healthy living habits rather than passive therapy. Our goal is to make every patient knowledgeable, active and actively involved in their own progress.

Biosafety and first aid workshop.

Many of the concerns of people living with HIV and their families are related to their daily lives and coexistence. The primary purpose of the biosafety and first aid workshop is to discover and relieve the pervasive fear in our society. We have clearly stated the mode of transmission of HIV. In addition, we provide the participants with basic tools for daily health care, including the creation of basic first-aid kits and family accident contingency plans.

Rights and legal framework.

Inspectors in public office (Defensoriadel Pueblo) important cooperation, we have legal and medical rights, including in the workplace, schools, medical institutions and the social environment protection AIDS nondiscrimination laws. These information sessions are critical to building confidence in the patient’s daily activities, goals, expectations, and personal assessment. In short, we help communities with HIV/AIDS win in the negative reactions that are still prevalent in some parts of society.

A workshop of self-esteem and confidence.

The diagnosis of HIV involves a wide range of emotional responses and necessary adaptation processes. Initial reactions, such as finding out how to get the virus, and existing social rejection of AIDS, can lead to feelings of unworthiness and guilt, leading to isolation, fear and low self-esteem. So our self-esteem and confidence workshops are designed to help reduce these negative reactions, and encourage patients to start thinking about themselves in a new and positive way, HIV infection, relationships, etc.

Film BBS

Films that are cultural expressions are very valuable tools to expose social situations. Our film BBS is able to solve the problem of AIDS from the current perspective, without the myth that it is often associated with the idea of HIV in society. Film work, provide the latest about HIV infections and correct medical and psychological information, promote self esteem and self protection, avoid is usually associated with HIV and AIDS stigma of fear and death. In addition, the reflective space after the film is released allows participants to exchange views and experiences with our consultants in an open manner, thereby enhancing the rights of patients.

Children’s workshop on HIV infection.

In this year, VIHDA organized various workshops aimed at enhancing the social empowerment of children at different stages of the diagnosis of public programmes. Due to the attention of these workshops and individual psychological treatment, people living with HIV can get on the social and cultural development, enabling them to strengthen their social integration ability and peer groups.

Nutrition and cooking workshops.

This is an interesting and effective way to introduce the family’s food pyramid and a balanced diet. At the seminar, we used Numbers, paintings and games to help patients understand the different components of the food pyramid and how to maintain healthy eating habits. Participants prepare delicious simple recipes that they can recreate at home to inspire their families to try new ways of eating.

Children’s day: our rights.

This seminar provides children who are involved in our program with an opportunity to understand their rights and obligations, to promote tolerance, to respect peace and other values. Children are taught that, despite our differences, everyone has equal rights and obligations in society.

Holiday workshops

FundacionVIHDA will participate in our psychotherapy program every year for our holiday seminar children. In these workshops, children take part in crafts, stories, puppet shows, clowns, games and other interesting activities to enjoy the safety and children’s moments before the holidays.


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