A heartbreaking letter to a dying wife.


A heartbreaking letter to a dying wife.

A brave wife’s husband lost a five-year battle with cancer, sharing a heartbreaking letter about her emotional final moments.

Laura Vickery, 29, died in hospital Sunday morning with her husband Sam.

Sam said he is now facing a life without his “soul, lover, best friend and favorite person of the world”.

Laura and Sam were married on the same day.

In the letter, he described Laura’s last breath after “kissing her forehead and telling her to let go.”

“I have a heavy heart to write about,” he wrote. “on Sunday, January 14, 2018, at about 2:10 a.m., my beautiful Laura died.

“On Wednesday, she entered the hospice hospital, rehabilitation therapy, and get some breathing space, due to the deterioration of Laura states and weight loss, she began to walk and even the simplest task.

“On the other hand, when we received the news that Laura was receiving chemotherapy again, I was trying to deal with it because the cancer had spread to her liver and increased rapidly.

The letter continued: “about one point three in the morning, we finished the judge Judy (Laura absolute favourite – I know), when it comes to me and our dog Betty will take care of her when she is back home, I will never let it happen again.

“We laughed and we talked about how much we loved each other, and it was only me and her that she was as unlucky as ever, and she said to me, ‘I think I’ll try to sleep.’

“Before she went to bed, I said to her,” I want you to know how proud I am of you, how much I love you, how strong she is. She turned to me and said, “forever and ever, baby, I want to defeat vic.


“So, I laughed, as always, we talk to each other, good night, I love you, I will see you in the morning, we kissed, and then I watched her in a long night.

“At two o ‘clock in the morning, Laura turned around again… At this moment, she began to slip, and she took hold of my hand, and I could see the fear in her beautiful eyes… ”

“Her heart had become so irregular that cancer and her pneumonia had surpassed her poor and fragile body.

“So I made the most difficult decision I had ever made and asked the doctor not to try to revive her. I couldn’t believe it was…

“I looked at my Laura, ravaged by the disease, and should have helped her, and then I put it down, kissed her forehead, told her to let go… Five seconds later, she breathed her last breath…

“Her friends and family were there, and they all took turns saying goodbye, and when I was done, I went back to my room for the last time to pick up and say my final goodbye.

“It was the most difficult moment, pulling me away from her, and I wouldn’t say the last goodbye, because it was special for me and Laura, and I would always keep her and her in my heart.

The article first appeared in the sun and was republished here, with permission.


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