Alexa, Google assistant wants to be everywhere in 2018.


Alexa, Google assistant wants to be everywhere in 2018.

These voice assistants want to carry around, plug in smart glasses, smart earplugs, and even smart toilets.

In a part of Google in huge outdoor exhibition CES is improvisation, carney monologue, and a boy wearing dark sunglasses and white Google assistant jumpsuit loudly and a keen free electrons to gawk sinusoidal line technology shows the singer.

“He has a GuGe Home Mini. Let’s take a picture, boss!” He shouted as I passed by on Thursday.

“Google even sends out clever lights!” “He said to the crowd. “I didn’t even know the lights could be clever! Congratulations, buddy!

This showcase, which reflects GuGe’s efforts at CES 2018, shows the search giant’s rare presence at the world’s largest technology exhibition. The company is trying to drum up attention, Google voice assistant, as it tries to catch up with amazon’s Alexa, the dominant voice in voice-controlled smart speakers.

Amazon has not been outdone, becoming part of a dozen partnerships announced at CES, where Alexa entered Toyota, the Vuzix smart glasses and the kohler smart bathroom.

A strike between amazon and Google underscores the tech industry’s expectation that voice assistants will play a bigger role in digital life this year. Executives from CES two companies talked about the voice assistant to cars, ear plugs and more places, such as the office conference room so your voice assistant can provide service for you anytime and anywhere – apparently even in the bathroom.

“If Voice is going to be everywhere, then when you get into the car, you want to see the Voice transition from home to… You want it to work, too. Skills. “We’re going to get into cars and other places, because we believe that speech is a natural interface, it should be the environment.”

So far, voice assistants have built a fan base as a smart home controller to help people play music or connect lights. Whether these assistants can be effectively transferred to other places is challenging. The test is already on the phone, and apple’s Siri, Alexa and GuGe Assistant are already available on the phone, but the results are mixed.

Samsung is also trying to bring its assistant, Bixby, into television and home appliances this year. At the same time, Siri’s performance at CES was completely masked and in crisis.

In addition, some privacy customers may not want their assistants to travel with them. If someone is talking loudly to his assistant in public, others may be annoyed and need a new voice assistant etiquette guide.

What can I say?

Google’s assistant director of product management Gummi Hafsteinsson last Tuesday in a luxury suite in the wynn two new assistant intelligent display in Google, these intelligent display is basically a built-in touch screen smart speaker. Google has teamed up with SONY, SONY, samsung’s JBL, LG and lenovo to create four such displays that were unveiled the day before at CES.

There are so many companies are working to increase in their product voice assistant, Hafsteinsson said Google even in the past few years to avoid the public display at the fair, also hope to CES show its support for the development of Google assistant ecosystem.

“We’re here with all our partners to make sure we’re talking about a wide range of stories, about ecosystems… Do it in a way that makes sense to the user so that they get the choice they want.

He says Google will try to make its assistants more talkative in 2018, making it easier to use, more powerful, and more popular with Google’s partners.

“When you think about what happened this year, we’re trying to make the experience richer without making things more complicated.” “He said, pointing to one of the smart monitors.

Steve rabuchin – amazon.

Steve Rabuchin, of amazon, stands on a set of Alexa development kits at CES 2018. These kits help hardware makers develop new Alexa power supplies.

Ben Fox Rubin/CNET.

At Wednesday’s show, at the sands convention center, amazon Rabuchin discussed a similar game plan for next year.

“We are happy that Alexa can move with you,” he said. He said in a corner of a large private conference room in the amazon that includes glass displays of small tools filled with Alexa’s features.

The e-commerce heavyweight is moving towards that goal. Mr Rabuchin said that Alexa had been integrated into more than 1,200 branded smart home devices, and now has more than 30,000 Alexa skills (amazon’s voice application). Alexa’s economy is showing strong signs, he added, and some Alexa developers check amazon’s most popular skills by examining “more than six Numbers”.

He acknowledges that there are obstacles to bringing Alexa into more areas of your life, but he adds that the company is considering how to make Alexa useful in different places. Assistants don’t do the same thing in a car as in a PC or office.

One thing that won’t change, says Rabuchin, is amazon’s advertising policy, which severely limits Alexa’s advertising. This month he called to report that amazon was in talks with the brand about bringing more advertising to the assistant.

“Our advertising policy has not changed,” he said. “In the past few weeks, there have been several stories that have broken down more of what we are going to do, and those things don’t make sense.



It may be hard to imagine why you would want a digital assistant in a smart glass or toilet, so you can use your voice to rinse. Rabuchin says the integration is all about making choices for customers. Amazon, he says, is also willing to let voice assistants work together – just like Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana – for the same reason.


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