A comfortable, comfortable cooking style?


A comfortable, comfortable cooking style?

You’ve probably spent a lot of time working in the kitchen lately, having a Thanksgiving dinner or feeding a group of relatives on vacation. Maybe you use traditional cooking tools – shovels, ladles, grates. Or, perhaps you use some of the most advanced fancy equipment, such as a crepe batter or a home protein almond cookie baking kit. If it was the latter, Keith Blanchard would like a word. He is the author of an article in the Wall Street journal last week titled “why trendy cooking gadgets are killing cooking”. He joined us.

Thanks for being with us, Keith.

KEITH BLANCHARD: thanks, Linda.

WERTHEIMER: then why is it fashionable to cook a fever?

BLANCHARD: so when you introduce this kind of personal gadgets affected by modern cooking, there will be some cooking and comfortable in the opposite direction from the comfort of the place, all of a sudden everything is 54 kinds of ingredients, this is Stumptown and folding by hand.

WERTHEIMER :(laughter)

BLANCHARD: it’s interesting. We have a lot of fun at the expense of fashion. But I think there’s really something — if you’re making homemade cakes at home, because you’ve tried it at a new bakery.

WERTHEIMER: the opposite of a cake.

Maggie: that’s right. That’s all I have to say. When you make a cake, we have to take it out, and we have a common experience around the table. However, when you distribute the cake popular music, everyone can disappear into their corner and take out their own screen.

WERTHEIMER :(laughter) now, you just spent Thanksgiving with your relatives, right?

Maggie: that’s right. That’s right.

WERTHEIMER: so you didn’t cook. I wonder if you’ve checked the kitchen for a trendy gadget that might have entered your restaurant?

Brando: yes, I really didn’t get contaminated with this gadget. And the only thing I find interesting – because I’ve never thought of it this way before – but if you want, the Turkey bottom itself is a personal gadget. For? We don’t call it meat. It’s just for this purpose. But they are very traditional cooks. And – there I didn’t see any evidence of creeping fashion.

WERTHEIMER: the kitchen – but, you know, the kitchen gadget is a popular holiday gift. Now, as you say, I try not to buy one, if only one thing. But have you found anything that you really don’t want to accept?

BLANCHARD: I don’t want to get a mini donuts manufacturers or waffle maker or cronut manufacturers or any this kind of small tools, only one purpose, because I now in the storage and maintenance of a new project, I might be used twice in the first month, three months after using once, and never give up. A thing that fully shows that I don’t want Christmas, even a free-range stuffing, is a dedicated trigeminal.

WERTHEIMER: I don’t think I know what it is.

BLANCHARD: you know, when you’re baking sausages, if you don’t break them first, they may lose their appeal or lose their appeal. But we already have a special three-tube sausage sting. It sits on the left of every plate in the United States. So I don’t know why I need a separate…

WERTHEIMER: (laughter).

Maggie: yes, that’s right.

WERTHEIMER: Keith Blanchard wrote an article for the Wall Street journal entitled “why trendy cooking gadgets are killing cooking”.


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