The chronicle of the small tools of counterfeit technology.


The chronicle of the small tools of counterfeit technology.

If you find yourself craving an iPhone with a telescopic antenna, there is no obvious purpose, if you don’t mind buying a completely fake phone, then we have a website for you. You can find the best fake in the world at Technology magazines print a regular feature called Keepin’It Real Fake online, or KIRF, KIRF. Michael Gorman, senior editor of Engadget, joins us now. Welcome to the show.

MICHAEL GORMAN: thanks for having me.

Martin: ok. We start with the telescoping antenna. Why is that? Why, Michael?


Grange: so this is something americans, even europeans, may not be familiar with. But especially in Japan and South Korea, some phones actually allow you to pull the TV directly with the antenna. So, I guess that’s what it looks like. Why you need to put it in a fake iPhone 4 is a completely independent, is sure to put all the beautiful design and tighten, apple blossoms so much time and effort, you know, perfect.

Martin: do you know who did it or made it?

Germain: I don’t know. It’s often hard to find companies that make KIRF, which we call “clone phones,” and I think that’s a little obvious. Basically, you know, if you make fake phone calls, you don’t want apple to follow you. So many of these companies tend to be in China – shenzhen. The real deal was actually made there. So, a lot of these clones are logical, because it’s easy to get parts. You know, you get a guy trying to sneak out of a factory from a factory, and suddenly you can easily clone it and turn it into something else, you know?

Martin: ok. Do you have any other favorites?

Grange: there are so many people I can call them weird. So, last year, nokia launched a mobile phone, which has a very beautiful camera. This is a 400,000 pixel camera. And a company in shenzhen has decided to make a phone that looks like this. Apparently, they didn’t have the chance to get the kind of camera technology that nokia did. So, it looks like they just inserted a huge loudspeaker behind the phone. On the real thing, there is a hump in the back to accommodate the bigger, better camera on the real phone. And on the fake, they just decided, well, I guess it’s just as good in a speaker slot, any use, I think it’s an interesting choice. I don’t think too many people are looking for their phones, you know, pulling out serious audio.

MARTIN: Michael Gorman is a senior editor at Engadget who takes us through the KIRF world. Thank you very much, Michael.

Germodo: thanks for having me.

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