Grace coddington’s “fashion” photo spread takes you to a dream.


Grace coddington’s “fashion” photo spread takes you to a dream.

In every field, there are those who work behind the scenes, whose vision helps determine the way we live, work, or play. Grace Coddington is one of them.

Many people first heard of Coddington through the September 2009 documentary on American Vogue. She has been working here for nearly 30 years and has been featured in the editor’s magazine. She helps select clothes, sets and models, and works with photographers to find out how to capture all this.

Now her work has been photographed in hardback. Grace: “American fashion age” is a picture of a coffee table. The cover is a vivid red – not far from the color of copper hair, which has always been a visual signature of coddington.

When NPR visited Coddington, she was in her element, one of the most important shows in New York fashion week. The fashion house is called Rodarte, and people are trying to get tickets for the show. Coddington sits in the front row, at the center of the action.

As models fell on the floor, people took pictures and scribbled notes. Coddington also had a notebook, but she didn’t write it in her notebook, and she was sketching out everything on the runway. She said, “I’m not good at speaking, so I always draw everything… It reminded me of how I saw the dress and how I reacted.

Back in her personal office in midtown Manhattan, coddington pulled out some sketchbooks. They are full of simple silhouettes, just to jog her memory. Photographs of the young British model were scattered on the walls, and a recent photograph of the “fashion” magazine, which was on a nearby bookshelf, was covered with magazines for 30 years.

Fashion people are sometimes known for being serious, but not coddington. She was 75 years old, and the sun was shining brightly – laughing at herself. For example, when she joined Instagram after years of nagging at her colleagues, her first image – a sketch of a nude self-portrait – was censored. “It was taken down,” she said. “You know what? This is the best thing, because everyone is in an uproar and finally comes back mysteriously… And then my next Instagram — I made my cat.

A longtime Vogue editor has suggested to NPR that people can feel their taste in the age of 13, when adults can see it but are still far away. What did Coddington like when he was 13? “It was a sad time in my life,” she said. “I lost my father when I was 11, and I thought it was hard, I had a sister, she was so dramatic, you know I just hung in the shadows and said nothing. Think I haven’t said anything for years. ”

The family owns a seaside hotel in a remote north wales. In winter, the sea is rough and no one has been there. “Every time you lick your lips, you can taste salt water,” Mr. Coddington recalled. “In the morning… I will go down, walk on the rocks, sit down and dream, dream grow, I think… I remember when Audrey Hepburn saw a story about how she had her own little story. It seems like a very small consideration for a big star, what she is, but I thought, god, if I could have a flat, like a room, a bedroom, it would be a dream.”

You can find traces of coddington’s childhood in her photo transmission, sometimes in the English countryside. She said the echoes were not intentional. “It’s something you know, you like it, but I don’t think I’m going to make it a young copy of me.”

And, of course, she did the photo spread, capturing the anxiety of suburban America, or the fairytale fantasy. A photo shows Kim kardashian and her husband Kanye West and their children. Kardashian is taking photos with her mobile phone while Kanye has taken a photo of her and her baby’s iPad. Coddington says the photo shoots “the kind of obsession that everyone has… “.

But this dreamy, youthful red hair is coming back to the countryside. At a fashion week at Madison avenue, NPR asked some guests to describe the Coddington style. Their answer beckons the teenage girl on the rocky shoreline:

Creative director Fabien Baron said: “she brought you into her dream and she told you a story.

“Things… It looks like it’s a picture, it looks like it’s a movie, and that’s what she makes, “said Vogue’s Suzy Menkes.

The fashion world has changed a lot since Coddington began modelling in the 1960s. With blogs, Instagram and Pinterest, everyone can be a fashion editor. Three decades from now, Mr Coddington is unlikely to have a central influence. Has she seen so much of her work in a hardcover book that she has a profound understanding of her career?

“I look at it and I think – I mean, it sounds terrible – I feel very satisfied,” coddington said. “I think if I die tomorrow, it doesn’t matter, I did something in the fashion editorial field.


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