The British campaign against sexual assault, which discriminates against the recent movement of a growing body.


The British campaign against sexual assault, which discriminates against the recent movement of a growing body.

On Monday, The BBC news Program “Victoria Derbyshire plan” (The Victoria Derbyshire Program) ask four women music they had harmful cultural and gender discrimination everywhere sexual assault.

“We worked very closely together, and I was a teenage girl,” singer Chloe Howl told Derbyshire. “Slowly, over time, he will encourage me to do things I’ve never done before… Drugs, sometimes he would send me to my hotel, text me, like ‘why didn’t you invite me in? ‘”

“I was told to keep quiet, because it can hurt us the opportunity to sign his artists,” in more than 20 years old in a “major music company” constantly department of Yasmin Lajoie said.

“He listed all my things and didn’t allow me to do that,” he said. An anonymous woman was called “Amy” on the show. “He convinced me that he was the only reason for my success. If I told anyone, it would disappear.”

Move to another country to pursue career in music industry michel DE vries (Michelle DeVries), said after the visa problems, she was asked to a senior management personnel in the company together. “There are some very dangerous people in this industry.” After she resigned, she said, she was told that her immigration documents had been prepared for months.

On Monday, you can see below that a new British campaign to end sexual harassment, assault and discrimination in the country’s music industry before Stop2018 on Tuesday. The movement is founded by women in a Monday night’s (one of the signature for Helliene, presumably in Derbyshire show interview “Amy”), but did not immediately return to clarify the request. A letter posted on four signed websites explains the movement’s hopes:

We took part in the exhibition and told our story. We want men and women to know you’re not alone. If you have been sexually assaulted or bullied or harassed because of bullying or harassment, you are not the person who is wrong, but you have felt the bad side.

History shows that those who spoke have been silenced, rejected, completely disappointed, often out of work rather than perpetrators.

In the letter, they set their hope in the future year completed four goals, its simplicity is likely to mean that in the music industry a fundamental and harmful aggression and discrimination. They demand that safe Spaces, set up by trade organisations such as music, allow victims to report their abuses without reprisals; Music stopped working with people who “show any looting or bullying”; Equal pay and promotion opportunities; Labels and managers should not encourage or require artists to “dress provocatively or flirt with executives”. (music, a British company, cited the letter in a note instructing victims to join the musicians union.)

The activity of the release is almost a music industry more than 2000 women in Sweden published letters after about a month, including torturing prisoners, including rape cases, by the anonymous woman to share in the industry. Its signatories are from all levels of the industry, mainly independent record companies, famous and unknown artists, technology companies, concert promoters and so on.

A few weeks later, the letter by another women follow music work in Australia, with # MeNoMore label, the label also contains many disturbing description of sexual harassment and violence. “Faced with numerous threats of discrimination, harassment, violence and sexism, we have begun to grind our teeth, but we can’t say today. By the time the letter was published, it had drawn 300 signatures, more than 1,000.

On Monday night, rajoy told Derbyshire that she had extended their stories to women in business, hoping to hear stories of chaos and harassment. Lajoie said: “what I actually got was a story of rape, insisting on a crackdown, beating women badly, chasing them down the street, and raping their apartment in the main music company.

The letters claim to be a culture in the business of nurturing young women who are just starting out and undermining those young women who are rapidly developing revenge. “Washington post” reported last week that the allegations and country singer Katie o mig (Katie Armiger) story, Katie o mig (Katie Armiger) sued by her predecessor, brand, the violation of sexual harassment of belittling terms.

Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein) after October after the sexual assault, many famous people quickly, matt lauer, Kevin sent west, Charlie rose, senator al franken and two senior NPR news director. The music industry began to see the effects of the #MeToo movement as the victims of the attacks continued to strengthen global solidarity.

Claim Music began in October for three months before the apology, firing and regression, Sony Music (Sony Music) fired famous executive LA Reid as head of his label Epic Records, he has run for six years. “Reed will leave the company,” he said in a press release. The reason, according to the New York post, was the sexual harassment of his assistant. A few months later, Reid was mentioned again, in a New York times story about the assault and rape of Russell Simmons, one of the foundation managers of hip-hop business. Reid did not directly address the charges against him.

Mr Simmons, who has been accused by more than a dozen women of rape, beatings and harassment, said he would provide evidence of innocence. The news comes two weeks after Simmons announced that he would step down from the ranks of his companies after two charges of harassment and rape. Simmons has yet to disclose any evidence against his accuser’s claims.

Billboard also reported last week that Warner Music Group, one of the three major brands, is taking disciplinary action against executive vice President Jeff Fenster and another unnamed executive. In a letter written by one of the company’s former executives, the company was told that Fenster and the unnamed executive had acted improperly. A memo to staff from the hr department is provided to NPR, which reads as follows:

Some of the accusations are real, so we are taking appropriate disciplinary action against the employees concerned. News reports about the incident might mention that our chief executive, Steve Cooper, was accused of making inappropriate comments at a party.

In early November, Kirt Webster, a publicist for the village music, left his name after more than a dozen allegations of misconduct. A month later, the Metropolitan Opera director James levine was accused of using his young men. Mr Levin denies the charges. Former boyfriend singer Nick Carter was accused of rape by another pop group singer, Melissa Schuman, at the age of 18, reported. Mr Carter denies the charge. In late October, the guitarist Twiggy Ramirez was fired by Marilyn Manson after a former girlfriend was accused of rape.

People with lower levels of music were also severely affected by harassment and assault charges, and brand new singer Jesse Lacey apologized in November for sexual misconduct. FYF’s founder, Sean Carlson, was fired from his job at Goldenvoice in the same month. Earlier this year, Britain’s PWR BTTM singer Ben Hopkins was accused of beating him anonymously, leading his band to stand out from the record label as music drew from streaming services.


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