Want your kid to go to ace school? Good motor skills can help.

Pickup basketball may be losing out to computer games.

Want your kid to go to ace school? Good motor skills can help.

There is no lack of evidence that children are getting fatter. Children who are obese or deformed tend to be worse at school. But scientists are just beginning to understand how the mix is diverging from academia.

Looking strong is no secret. Spain, according to a study of 2000 people who are in the hand grip test and long jump performance of the mental health of children and adolescents in school and sports ability poor performance in the test. Exercise is the most important thing.

American teenagers are softer than ever.

Shooting – health news.

American teenagers are softer than ever.

I got cardiovascular health, but I found my athletic ability confused. So I called Erene esteban-cornejo, a graduate student at the autonomous university of Madrid. Uh, what’s that?

Esteban-Cornejo replied: “speed and coordination are combined. She ran the test run, ran 10 meters, picked up a stone, turned back 10 meters, and put the stone down. Repeat.

The shuttle running test is a good proxy for sports such as basketball or soccer that require movement, agility and coordination. And they often promote cardiovascular health. However, normal old running is good for both.

Researchers in 2011 and 2012, and in Spain, Madrid and tested the health of 2038 children and teenagers, and their performance and fitness, body mass index, body fat and waist circumference, socioeconomic status and parents’ education.

The study was published Thursday in the journal of pediatrics.

Better people tend to do well on three fitness measures. But it was surprising that athletic ability was most closely associated with higher levels, followed by aerobic capacity. But muscle strength itself has nothing to do with academics. Fitness is more important than obesity.

Esteban-Cornejo said: “school physical activity should aim to improve performance in cardiovascular health and exercise. “If you don’t have another one, you can’t improve.”

The researchers speculate that increased blood flow due to aerobic fitness may make the brain happier. Other studies have found that motor skills are related to memory, attention and academic performance, and that the work is done primarily on children. Perhaps the fine motor skills required for reading and writing are also beneficial.

This study does not prove cause and effect; It may be that better students are more motivated to exercise and work on the researchers’ tests. Esteban-Cornejo and her colleagues are completing another experimental phase.

But it should help parents and children do more physical activity at school.


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