Modern athletes come out of the gym.

University of Bath, Bath........10th August 2011.....Elite Gym, Official Opening. (l tor) Amy Williams, Olympic Gold Medallist Skeleton, Freyja Prentice, World Cup Bronze Medallist Modern Pentathlon, Professor Kevin Edge, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Bath, Michael Jamieson, Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist Swimming and Chris Mcleod, S&C Coach English Institute of Sport at the official opening of the Elite Performance Gym at the University of Bath. (Credit Phil Searle - Digitalscape)

Modern athletes come out of the gym.

They’re not blue jeans. They are not leisure. They are not chinos or khaki.

“They’re like a jogger,” lee Davis said of his pants, through an outdoor mall in Los Angeles called The Grove. He wore a professional black woolen sweater and designer white T-shirt with a clean baseball cap and fancy tennis shoes. The trousers stand out. They are impeccably suited to him, with clear tapered lines and elegant, smooth, advanced lightweight khaki.

Davis is just one of several male customers wearing sweatpants through the mall. He says his cost is $195, and they’re worth it.

“They’re wearing sweats and pants,” Davis said. “Denim can sometimes be seen as casual, because of the material, which makes it even more trim.

Wearing shorts is taboo.

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Wearing shorts is taboo.

Brilliant, laughable, blackish black boots are now a designer item.

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Brilliant, laughable, blackish black boots are now a designer item.

How did fashion in the 1970s draw attention to American designers?

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How did fashion in the 1970s draw attention to American designers?

He and his nearly $200 sweatpants may be the latest buzzword in the fashion world.

What is Athleisure?

Davis’s sweat is part of the growing trend of “sport and leisure”. Gym clothes are getting out of the gym, becoming a large part of People’s Daily wardrobe, and a bit of a mystery in the process. According to NPD group, people who sell athleisure clothing, more than $1 billion last year, accounted for 17 percent of the total apparel market in the United States.

H&M, Urban Outfitters, Aeropostale and TopShop all launched sports and leisure series. Some collections have been recognized by celebrities such as Kanye West and Beyonce. Chanel even now makes couture sneakers. According to the Wall Street journal, it is estimated that the us sportswear market will grow by almost 50 per cent by 2020, even if the us is involved in fewer sports.

How did this happen? According to McKitterick, an analyst at IBIS World, there are two big factors in the rise of sports leisure: the cyclical sales of yoga and blue jeans.

First, McKitterick says, he calls it “a change in dress.” Think yoga pants. Over the past decade or so, women have led the charge, especially hugging yoga pants outside the yoga studio. Now, yoga pants, leggings and leggings have moved from the gym to ubiquity. This only helps to make room for men’s sweatpants to leave the couch.

Declining jeans sales are also part of the equation, says McKitterick. Sales of American denim were reported to have fallen 6% in the last fiscal year. “Men and the average person have a lot of jeans,” he said. “Jean has been selling very well for the last 10 years, and we’ve gone through a lot of trends around jeans, probably the closest pair of skinny jeans.

“But fashion denim is cyclical,” says McKitterick. “So now it looks like we’re in a downturn, and it’s not surprising that we’ve seen a lot of sales over the last decade.”

The Athleisure dress helps fill the gap. From corduroy in the 1970s to khaki and denim in the ’90s, jeans are facing competition, McKitterick said. The jeans bounced back twice.

How do you wear fancy sweat?

As for who is wearing beautiful men’s sweatpants, the bonobo guide store manager Tyler kanter says it’s all types of guys.

“You’re going to make your fashion forward,” he says. “you’re looking for the jogger’s sweat. “Then you have a customer, and he catches their eyes.” There is also a third type of customer “we really want to get them out of their comfort zone,” he says.

The bonobos retail price is $98. I tried it in the store and bought some for myself. Then I went to the experts for advice on how to wear them: the Washington post’s fashion critic Robin Ghivan. She says the special style of sports that produces expensive men’s sweat comes from city streets.

She said: “this is really out of idea street clothes, and many people who live in the city center eventually material basically carrying their wardrobe and errands all day, sometimes even put aside their wardrobe. .

“What do you often encounter is a person who are likely to go to the office, but he would stop in the gym beforehand, so he put on a pair of sweatpants, but perhaps his sweatpants put on a suit jacket, because he doesn’t want to put the suit jacket in sports bag, and his suit jacket has a parka, perhaps he did not wear shoes at ordinary times, but put on a pair of high-end sports shoes. A kind of wardrobe, just out of necessity and convenience. ”

But Ghivan admits that the appearance may not appeal to all men. “On the one hand, they are kind of irresistible because they are familiar and comfortable, and they represent all the clothes we like,” she said. “They make us feel warm and comfortable, but there’s a voice on your head that tells you,” it’s not appropriate to wear in an office or any major. And I think some of us think, ‘I don’t believe I should spend so much money on sweatpants. ”

But, she says, men should dress up, not down, if they choose to wear the sweat. “For example, I wouldn’t wear this T-shirt. I would wear a sport coat or a sweater under my blazer.”

“It looks very familiar and reassuring, but it just makes people look like themselves, just better,” says Ghivan.

As for me, I’m going to work in bonobo sweat one day. My colleague Travis chick (Travis Larchuk) a description of the said to me: “like monet’s clothes, from a distance, you look like a man together, but close to, you can see you really comfortable at work.

Perhaps, all sports casual clothing, this is the key.


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