My world’s business model: a video game that makes you lonely.


My world’s business model: a video game that makes you lonely.

My world is a simple video game. You’re in a virtual world, and you have to build something. It’s like a digital lego set, but an infinite piece.

Its simplicity makes it a hot topic for children, like Will Davidson, 10. Last year, will set up a Spanish school report. He modeled himself on his Santa cruz mission. “I made a chapel here,” says Davidson. “I have a bell tower, too.”

After he submitted his report, he added some more. Like a skeleton archer. “And zombies… The thing that exploded, and the spider, tried to kill you, “he said.

Game designer Ramin Shokrizade says “my world” is popular with children because they can create almost anything.

The Minecraft purchase offers new support for Microsoft.

You can play Minecraft to teach kids code?

In addition, children do not manipulate the click button to buy additional components in the game. In other games, the designer first gives the player free special power and then takes it away and gives it to the player at a certain price.

‘Zynga is the creator of Farmville,’ says Shokrizade. ‘he calls this interesting pain a pain.’ “If you make consumers uncomfortable, tell them that we will make you less uncomfortable for money and they will give us money,” he said.

Children are particularly vulnerable, says Shokrizade, and Minecraft has a loyal following, partly because they don’t.

Susan Linn, from the noncommercial childhood movement, agrees. She says one of the big reasons she likes “my world” is because after you buy the game, that’s it.

“Parents don’t have to worry about their children becoming more marketing goals,” Linn said. “How forward!

But Lynn was worried. Microsoft bought for $2.5 billion on Monday to create Minecraft Mojang company, she said, if a big companies spend billions of dollars to buy a smaller company, executives would have to start looking for new ways, get more profits.


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