Slowly cook your way to the colonel’s secret recipe.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson first fell in love with a version of this burger at a tiny fish shack in Barbados

Slowly cook your way to the colonel’s secret recipe.

Now is the time to give it the humble slow cooker.

If you put the industrious desktop electric equipment associated with the 1970 s, the ornamental owl, orange and brown color combinations, and perhaps the fold of heavy boots. A slow cooker can be a busy person’s best friend.

The slow cooker (” crock-pot “is the name of a trade mark, like” xerox “is the photocopier) 40 years ago, as more women entered the workforce, the popularity grew. During working, without any warning line cook to enter to the kitchen for dinner, so the cylinder tank provides a time saving solution: put a barbecue on the cylinder in the morning, chopped onion, carrot and celery, pour some inventory, add some spices, decided to go to work, go home for dinner after 9 hours.

Good, full, warm – but the identity of many slow cooker recipes has been noticed by more than one regular user.

Stephanie O ‘dea, the woman behind the “slow cooking year” blog, said, “I think the slow cooker is a glorified roasting machine. “It looks as if I put everything in the same way, carrots are a little bit burnt, and the roast tastes like Lipton onion soup, a can of Campbell’s chicken and mushroom soup.

Or, it’s kind of like the ’70s, but the style is clear.

With three young daughters, O ‘dea has a busy 2014 family. She said she could easily get distracted in the kitchen: “the pasta is boiling, the biscuits are burning.” A slow cooker is perfect for her. “When I’m cooking, I don’t have to stand and eat,” she said.

But she wanted to go far beyond the pan. So for a year, she challenged herself to do something new every day. “You can make a nice steamed fish in a slow cooker, and you can make a nice dessert like cheesecake, you can have roast duck, you can make grilled shrimp.

You can make some very impressive “take out/fake,” O ‘dea says, including a gluten-free KFC chicken.

When she was 9, she had celiac disease, because most americans took it for granted. One day, while watching a cooking show, the chef tried to recreate the secret recipe of KFC’s famous herbs and spices, and audi’s daughter observed, “I don’t know what it tastes like.

O ‘dea decided to take on KFC’s challenge, but no batter or Fried. She remembered a condiment close to the colonel’s secret recipe, and cooked it in the jar as usual.

“The twist in the dressing is white sugar,” she says. O ‘dea says there is a little sugar that can resist salt and garlic.

A four-pound piece of chicken is suitable for an average slow cooker, and O ‘dea recommends removing the skin, even inside, before rubbing the entire sauce.

“Put it on the side of the chest of a slow cooker, and the chicken will be boiled with its own sauce, without adding water. This is one of the wettest chickens you will eat, and it will fall off the bone.

O ‘dea’s daughter finally experienced the smell of KFC and loved it. “That night she ate two drumsticks, a wing and a thigh.”

Recipe: KFC inspired chicken.

Jennifer Steinhauer’s version of the Sno Ball moves the marshmallow inside and skips the pink food coloring

My little CD patient has never eaten Kentucky Fried chicken, and we were disappointed when we looked at a top-secret recipe that featured a famous food. The next day we did some extensive research on condiments, and our whole family was confused. If you want to mix in bulk spices, use about 1/4 cup.

4 doses

1. 4 pounds of grilled chicken, wash (I delete the skin, it depends on you)

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon garlic salt

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon of sugar

Half a teaspoon of ground thyme.

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano.

1/2 teaspoon ground sage.

1/2 teaspoon black pepper.

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger.

1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram.

1/4 teaspoon celery salt.

1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom.

Use a 6 quart slow cooker. Insert the chicken into the breast side (to ensure moist meat). In a small bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Mix this spice evenly throughout the bird, inside and outside. Don’t add liquids. Cover and cook at a low temperature for 4 hours or 6 to 7 hours. If you like, you can leave the water in the pan for rice or mashed potatoes. With a meat thermometer to check temperature, to ensure that the chicken before eating at least internal temperature of 165 ℃.


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