The hunter is sore with the trump home secretary in the public land review.


The hunter is sore with the trump home secretary in the public land review.

When Ryan Zinke was appointed President of trump’s interior minister, hunters, fishermen and other athletes have high expectations, partly because of his commitment to public land management brings a balance of Teddy Roosevelt’s vision.

But now the former republican Congressman from Montana, is an important part of the advertising campaign in the group goal, this is a more and more influential in power of one of the supporters.

“Medical” absolutely agree with Teddy Roosevelt’s ideal, “featured in the advertising in the advertising” remote hunters and fishermen “Montana club chairman John Sullivan said (John Sullivan). “He’s not alive right now.”

In particular, the athletes are uneasy about the controversial review of protected national monuments and restrictions on how to use them. The review covers 27 conservation sites over 100,000 acres.

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John Sullivan says he was once the champion of hunters. Now, “we don’t think he’s listening to us,” he said.

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The secretary is not expected to recommend the removal of any monuments. But a small percentage of the population shrinks, and athletes say reducing their boundaries means more land for development and fewer hunters.

As a member of congress, zak is a champion hunter, even if it means defeating his party, Sullivan said.

“He told us he would do the same thing before he was promoted,” Sullivan told NPR. “He’s upside down. We don’t think he’s listening to us.”

Advertising campaigns are important because athletes like Sullivan have recently become a political force on public land. They mobilized, sometimes disguised, to mobilize in state legislatures and congress to limit their access to public lands.

Their members tend to cross the political spectrum, sometimes forming unlikely alliances with more traditional environmental groups.

The interior minister’s job is challenging because they are responsible for so much land; They need to balance a lot of interests, and criticism usually comes from all sides. But in this case, the politics of the company are especially tricky.

Many of trump’s bases believe that any land use restrictions, such as historic sites, will be surpassed as a union. In many western countries, mining companies and other industries want more public land and believe the Obama administration is too restrictive.

However, jinke cannot ignore the athletes. Among the groups are high-profile members of the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr. He is a big, fanatical hunter, and he often says on the campaign trail that wild areas should be protected to protect athletes.

Small trump and a few athletes closely aligned, a lobby group, these groups to promote the medical become secretary of the interior, including the wild hunters and anglers, Theodore Roosevelt protected partnership and boone and Crockett club. Mr Trump now helps run the family business without an official position at the White House.

In a statement, Zinke’s spokeswoman said the athlete’s advertising campaign was misleading. Some of the secretary’s supporters also think the controversy over the memorial is exaggerated.

He expressed his views this summer when the secretary toured a large area of public land, such as the cascade of national monuments in southern Oregon. It was designated by President Clinton and expanded by President Obama, and the trump administration is considering reducing it.

“I make sure people have a say,” Zinke said in Oregon. “That means the farmer, the timber guy, what are their concerns? We want to make sure that we look at it like Roosevelt did a hundred years ago, and make sure that we have the right policies so that our experience on public land is still there.

Concerns about the company are not consistent with the athletes’ club.

Under executive orders, the Obama administration has protected more than four million acres of new land in the west as a national monument. Paul Phillips, a board member at Boone and Crockett club in Montana, points out that some unmanaged plans are bound to guarantee hunting access.

What are we afraid of? This is the beginning of my request. Mr. Phillips said his group was founded in 1887 by Teddy Roosevelt. “In such a short period of time, when there is such a big increase, let the director of the department of tianjin introduce, look at this, it really means to us.

Mr Boone and the Crockett club also consider Mr Trump a member of the board.

It is not clear that the results of the review, expected later this year, will have political consequences. But if the government takes ambitious measures to shrink the monument, everyone will be predicting a protracted legal battle.


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