Billionaire owners close DNAinfo, Gothamist, a week after workers aligned themselves.


Billionaire owners close DNAinfo, Gothamist, a week after workers aligned themselves.

Just a week ago, employees of DNAinfo and Gothamist, a local news site in New York, voted for the union.

On Thursday night, Joe Ricketts, the billionaire owner of the publications, announced the closure.

Those who reported Manhattan truck attacks, Chicago Christkindlmarkt suitcase a letter from the event site suddenly turning to Ricketts, Ricketts created online stock brokerage TD Ameritrade, the family with the Chicago cubs.

Ricketts in the letter explained that in 2009 he founded the DNAinfo, to cover both New York and Chicago neighbor, “because I believe that people are deeply concerned about where they live and work, I think we can build a big, advertisers want to faithful audience. ”

Billionaire owner Joe Ricketts announced on Thursday night in a letter posted to DNAinfo and Gothamist that he would immediately close the sites.

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“But DNAinfo is ultimately a business that needs to be economically successful if it is to last.” “He concluded. “While we are building DNAinfo into a successful business has made important progress, but in the end, the development is not enough to support production, the company relies on the news type of required great effort and expense.”

He bought Gothamist in March, and he said the DNAinfo and Gothamist were visited by nine million people a month.

A week after the shutdown, 27 of the 25 workers voted to join the writers guild east in their New York building, which means management will need to negotiate with the union.

In a statement, the union said: “there is no doubt that these workers are threatened by the organization’s drive.” “The guild will look at all possible areas of recovery and we will actively pursue the rights of new members.”

“The Times” reported that when workers trying to organise work in the spring, ricketts write to them: “as long as my money is to pay for everything, I was going to be decided in the direction of the enterprise.”

In September, rickitts wrote a blog post titled “why am I against the union when I’m building a business?” “My view is that unions are trying to undermine the free enterprise system,” he wrote.

Gothamist and all web DNAinfo empire began to redirect Ricketts, this caused concern about a website reporter, they don’t have access to their work, complicating they now need the job search. The reporter submitted an example of their work when applying for a job.

Some on social media have seen the sudden redirection and lack of access to the site’s archives as retaliation against the site’s employees for voting in union organizations. The solution to the dot file is beginning to proliferate.

A DNAinfo official told The Times that the sites would be archived online. As of Friday afternoon, the website’s files can be accessed.

The Times reported that the shutdown caused 115 people to lose their jobs. Workers in Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco have all lost their jobs, though they have no union.

Last September, ricketts announced that he planned to donate a million dollars to help Donald trump’s campaign. Two months later, Mr. Trump nominated Mr. Ricketts’s son, Todd, as his deputy secretary of commerce. Todd Ricketts eventually withdrew his name from the position, citing a number of potential conflicts of interest with family businesses.

After the announcement, the employees of DNAinfo and Gothamist began to look for work.

“I’ve been bleeding, sweating, crying, hurting myself for my work, and now my last two years have been erased,” wrote Noah Hurowitz, a new york-based journalist with DNAinfo.

“This is a direct retaliation against our successful union efforts,” Hurowitz added. “I have no regrets. We did the right thing and stood tall. I am proud.


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