Dave made a maze, but Dave forgot a script.


Dave made a maze, but Dave forgot a script.

This creative Dave Made a Maze created a fantastic universe, using cardboard in a small budget. Although it is an independent film, the film has something in common with many platinum – plated CGI movies: the visual effect is as powerful as the script.

The title role may be an aspiring musician, a frustrated artist, or someone who doesn’t know what to do. But David, 30, has found some time to fill his time, and more of his adult girlfriends are out of town. When Meera Rohit Kumbhani returned home, she found that Dave had filled the living room with cardboard forts.

Corrugated buildings are quite large, and even larger for people looking outside. When Anne asked him to come out, he said he couldn’t. “I’m lost,” he admitted.

Unable to explain why, Dave filled the maze of castles with maze traps. He insisted that Anne should not come in, but how could she not? However, when she started the rescue mission, there were almost a dozen curious people who were procrastinating. What matters most is that the plot is a combination of Dave’s flirtous deputy, Adam Busch, and a three-man documentary led by James Urbaniak, who is definitely not a movie.

Director and collaborator Bill Watterson (not the creator of Calvin&Hobbes) and production designer John Sumner and Trisha Gum rely heavily on the Cardboard Institute of Technology. The San Francisco artisans collectively hired 30, 000 square feet of cardboard to build a series of Chambers of commerce and channels. These include a house of CARDS, a keyboard corridor, a black key portal, and a temple of doom guarded by origami creatures. Some space – including the slide, the projection room and a large “lady part” – are alchemy.

Watterson and co-writer Steven Sears are mainly turning to two types in order to make their characters work in this recycling box wonderland. First of all, Dave made a maze is documentary irony, harry essence and Albert Brooks (Albert Brooks) in 1979 the prescient “Real Life” (Real Life) wrote. Second, it’s a horror movie.

Since most contemporary horror movies are self-parody, the likelihood of humor is very limited. The main joke is that most gore is made of paper or fabric. The main villain is a typical allusion, but does not classify the joint.

Fans of outsider art and film design should find plenty to enjoy in the Dave maze. But even in eighty minutes, the movie seems to be putting off.

Watson shares something with his main character: he doesn’t know why the maze exists. Although he conceived a cardboard world, the director did not link it to the current home delivery fashion. (no amazon logo is visible.) Watson didn’t do too much with the other elephants in the room, Dave and Anne. In a story full of perverts, their rutting romance has not really changed.

Ultimately, the explanation that all filmmakers can provide is a Hollywood joke. Dave’s labyrinth is “passion project”.


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