See the world through GuGe glasses.


See the world through GuGe glasses.

GuGe Glass is no longer just a prototype. On Tuesday, the company began offering high-tech glasses to a select group of test customers.

The gadget looks a bit like a pair of glasses, but it doesn’t always have the lens, and it has a small screen, is about the size of my little finger, is in the top right of the wearer’s right eye.

When the screen closes, it’s completely transparent, not in my view. In the beginning, look – well, let me help create Google Glass Steve Lee explain: “imagine you sitting on the sofa, looked at the sitting room, look at your TV,” the size of the Glass display.

GuGe staff will present GuGe Glass customer color options on Tuesday. The company chose most of the test team members based on their idea of using gadgets.

In addition to feeling more intimate. The picture was right in front of me, and there was a touch pad along my temple.

Glass can understand some voice commands, such as giving instructions and answering questions that you normally use GuGe. It reads your words out loud in your ears, and lets you respond only by talking.

First, though, Glass is a camera mounted on the top of the eye.

“If I’m not good at cooking, I might need to call my mom to get some help,” li explained. “When I was busy preparing food in the kitchen, my mother could actually see what I was doing,” she said, guiding him through dinner.

Glass can make almost any smartphone, hands-free. But GuGe hasn’t sold it to the public. Only 10,000 people won the right to pay $1,500 on one. Most of them get this privilege by telling GuGe that they want to do something creative with Glass.

He said that Dan McLaughlin, who got his call on Tuesday, had 30 or 40 ideas, including the creation of a personal teleprompter. Making the glass feel a bit like getting a superpower, says Monica Wilkinson.

“I almost always wanted a computer, so it was like a first step,” she says. She plans to build an app to help her remember her client’s name.

But a lot of people ask me: is the glass creepy? So I’m very good at raising this question to GuGe co-founder sergey brin. Does this technology push us towards a fully monitored society?

“This is definitely what we think,” brin said. “On the one hand, there are thousands of products on the market that are better than clanking, and we’re trying to design that experience, so it’s clear what you’re doing.

Take a picture, you tell the glass to take it, and the light above your eyes lights up everyone’s eyes.

“It’s actually a device that wants to be outdoors, to be outdoors, to be with family and friends,” brin said.

But brin says most people are eager to see what thousands of creative people will do with it.


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