Against travel neck pillows.


Against travel neck pillows.

Is there a pillow for the u-shaped travel neck pillow? It didn’t. The semi-oval toilet seat is the king of the travel accessories, although it failed in its intended use. I will outline this in this article, which is a disaster, and I will eventually convince you.

This summer, I have a chance to travel aboard a pleasant maroon memory foam pillow air, and it is casual, put it into my carry box, as if my passport, or ignored when reading a book, god willing, in small TV “sex and the city”. When it was time to go to bed, I, like many other passengers, put a u-shaped pillow on my shoulder. I let my head fall to my left when my neck was stretched out from behind the seat. Not good. I let my head fall to my right. Not good. I roll on the pillow, as if common pillow is a little strange, but the damn thing still bounce back to U, but there’s a hole in the u-shaped in design, so this is definitely not a good thing.

This damn pillow is not good.

You may be shocked to hear the truth about the u-shaped neck pillow, which has been allowed to exist unrestricted since it was patented in 1929. I understand and will allow you to create your own food later? All right. The u-shaped neck pillow is an unwelcome hate; A harmful, deceitful, unscrupulous everywhere travel accessories, let people don’t sleep, but by their training into remorse the restless like zombies, namely, “I can’t sleep on the plane”. The u-shaped travel neck pillow is a useless junk pillow.

But not everyone agrees. “I bought a pillow for the long weekend vacation. Memory foam is the perfect firmness, it is so soft and comfortable, “said Ivan, a comment on amazon, a neck pillow similar to my recent flight failure. Ok, Ivan. Someone said Alan said, “I use this in the car. It’s easy for me to fall asleep. It makes my neck comfortable, and I don’t get up in the neck. ‘well, Ellen. Someone said that cass said, “I’m back because it has a terrible chemical smell, and the inside is a solid piece. I want something without particles. “All right. In fact, this looks more like a “Cass” problem.

It is understood that Martha Stewart (Martha Stewart) said “travel store chain” (001) Flight, co-founder of Brad John (Brad John) said: “I like this shop, it looks like an airplane,” tell me, U travel pillow sells very well, not a lot of innovation in the market. “They’re basically the same. We’re selling heated, inflated, foam. “The current best-selling products, he said, is” convertible travel pillow “, you can make it a a normal pillow or a u-shaped neck “is very interesting, best-selling u-shaped neck pillow is a normal function of the u-shaped neck pillow in the pillow.

“Can one of the pillows help others? Yes, they can. Will they help everyone? Probably not.

Brad John himself USES a regular pillow on his flight. “I just don’t feel comfortable around the neck,” he said. “it’s just a personal choice.”

I talk to everyone agrees, u-shaped neck pillow is very smelly, especially my friend Megan Reynolds (Megan Reynolds), he said: “we have a home, but the boy’s cat to have sex with it.” My friend Lindsay Robertson explicitly mentioned because she often used on flights a u-shaped neck pillow, was secretly proved to be a member of the u-shaped neck pillow fight: “I never use it as a neck pillow, because I can’t sleep, I’m not sure if anyone can,” she told me. Instead, she placed her neck pillow on the tray table in front of her, took off her glasses and put her hands on her knees, “let her face go straight forward into the pillow, as if it had expired. ”

After all, why do some people get comfort from a u-shaped pillow (liars) – some not? I asked Yale orthopedic and rehabilitation professor Mary o ‘connor, director of the Yale center for musculoskeletal care. “I don’t know of any clinical data suggesting that they can effectively reduce neck strain or neck discomfort,” she said. However, many of us have experienced the sensation of falling asleep when our necks are in a strange position, and we have been troubled since. So I think they can help, but it depends on how they are used and whether they support the neck. ”

The ideal pillow can keep your head and neck neutral, she says, so you won’t be too forward, backward, or overextended to one side or the other. “But how do you know that when you’re at the airport, the pillow you’re buying will give you the right support?” “O ‘connor asked. “The pillows are the same. Some people have short necks, some have long necks, no ability to see and say, ‘I need this design or this size pillow neck to really work for me. That’s part of the challenge. Can one pillow help others? Yes, they can. Will they help everyone? Probably not.

I tried to find out what the dreaded u-shaped neck pillow was useless or useful, and came empty-handed. However, I am in the “journal of rheumatology in 2016” published titled “neck support pillow and posture practice application in the treatment of chronic neck pain” of research, and discussed the positive role in bed specificity of neck support pillow for chronic neck pain. I and co-author of the study, the children’s hospital in Toronto rheumatology department’s senior scientist, director Brian Feldman (Brian Feldman) spoke, he was convinced that my understanding is that his research is not really about the people who use the u-shaped travel pillow on the plane. I understand. In any case, I think he might offer some insight.

“They just don’t do what they’re supposed to do.”

He stressed his own view of the u-shaped travel pillow, saying: “I can’t stand them. I never use them. They are not strong enough or strong enough. People developed a variety of new sports sleep pillow, they tend to be more like the head fixed in the tape, or can be placed in the head and sat in the front of the head or neck collar small box structure, this gives you more often hung on the neck. These things may be much better than typical u-shaped pillows. ”

He said, let your neck to keep a good physical location, this is a wonderful thing, but the problem is that the u-shaped pillow their structure is not strong enough, not enough to help most people, properly ran circles around the neck. “They just don’t do what they’re supposed to do,” feldman says. In order to work, he thinks that they have to look more like a just saw the injured man of that kind of hardened neck collar, a “pressure on the head, to keep his chin, supporting the head once you sitting asleep, won’t be overturned in any way.

Besides, aren’t they the first stone pillows used by the mesopotamians in 7000 BC? It seems that we should not continue to use pillows, it looks like the first stone pillow used by the mesopotamians in 7000 BC, but this is just my opinion.

If I can give you a piece of advice, take a closer look at whether your u-shaped travel pillow is worth your next flight. Do you put it in your carry-on item, or get used to it? If it’s taking up valuable storage space, because it will help you to sleep, or because you think you should buy it, even if you don’t have evidence, whether personal or science, suggests that this idea is right? Are you wrong, or do you agree with me? Ask yourself these questions and then put the u-shaped pillow behind you.


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