I tried a sweet potato diet (really a lifestyle)


I tried a sweet potato diet (really a lifestyle)

Don’t brag about your horn, but I’m a great trend prediction. For example, I know that as early as yesterday, the eyes of the little butt cat would catch on, and when I was wearing a pair, I calculated that eight women would wear the same exact same thing in two radius. I had a hunch that the leggings were a pair of pants (but think I was the only one on the train), and last year, in the non-fashion world, I predicted that bread was returning to healthy food. For the prediction, I still feel pretty good, because these days in brooklyn, lots of healthy food bread products like grain germination, all still penetrate my breakfast toast the sets of feed, but I should stop to boast about.

Recently I noticed that sweet potatoes are on the rise and fall. Henry think this is a pure function, although their status as a kind of vegetable, how they are delicious, delicious, starch and carrots, but last year, a celebrity think they are a whole, very affordable plastic surgeons, said every day to eat a made her look younger. Recently, I’ve heard people say that if you live your entire life on sweet potatoes, you can live a balanced life.


Doesn’t that sound very dramatic?

A little unreal?

To determine whether this is a fact or fiction, I have devoted the last two weeks of my life to the crazy consumption of sweet potatoes. Your name, I tried: sweet potato toast (Ezekiel a crunchy bread of sweet potatoes, sometimes flavored with harissa, but more often like high-fiber maple syrup), sweet potato toast (that is to say as below the bread avocado mash poached eggs). Last Friday night, I baked my own sweet potato chips. I threw the sweet potato wedge into quinoa; I put them in the egg yolk (all in different situations). I even went to the shower! Just kidding, but don’t put it beside me.

Here’s a short list of the good things about sweet potatoes. They are:

Plus vitamin A, which helps the lungs, heart and kidney function. It’s also good for your immune system! Breeding! Vitamin C, which helps you look young. Manganese, which regulates your metabolism and blood sugar, makes it less likely to kill in hell and then crash like a Dave Matthews band. Manganese is also good for brain function, which is important, you know, because if you think about it, even 1 + 1? Vitamin B6 also contains a lot of vitamin B6, which is important for metabolic regulation and adrenal function (which means that if you’re nervous, sweet potatoes will calm you down, can you believe that? They’re like showering, but they’re sweeter! )

Plus the full beta carotene, or beta-carotene, which is a good antioxidant for your eyesight, is a problem for people with an iPhone, IM (unstudied) O.

+ fiber, obviously the Internet has recently become a fiber.

+ a reasonably good potassium, which is a good expansion (or?). Phosphorus makes your bones and teeth strong.

Vegetables also contain other vitamins – vitamin B1 and vitamin 2, niacin, pantothenic acid, but you get the idea. Make us happy, guinea pig! Because sweet starch is beating in my body,

How do I feel?

More or less the same. To be honest, I think my vision is actually blurry, not better, but maybe it’s a function of pregnancy. I would say my sweetheart is under control. Every morning before I eat blueberry cream cheese of cinnamon-raisin bagels for breakfast, lest meet anger I breathe, I can now choose medium-sized eggs and sweet potatoes, and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top them!) Thank you very much. M&M consumption also has a significant depreciation.


I haven’t experienced a lot of stretching markers, which may be a function of vitamin C. I know it’s vitamin D3 (or genetics), and it should help, but I’ll do what I can. I don’t buy potassium (reply: swelling), but will comply with phosphorus enrichment terms, this is because I can be the first time in my life, bear the weight of 7.5 pounds, also because my back hurt hardly in nine pounds of human fetus backpack in front of me. I won’t discount a possible placebo effect.

One of the big challenges – perhaps the most important in my life – is to learn the difference between sweet potato and yam. Today, I feel quite confident, I understand. Yesterday, I didn’t. Although they all belong to the “healthy starchy vegetable” spectrum, most of the nutrients in sweet potatoes are high. The yam is starchy and a little sweet, but Olivia Munn advocates, so if you want one or ten, do it. I won’t stop you.

However, according to the challenge – determine if you can really rely on life and maintain optimal health – they may fail. Why is that? Nutritionist Carley Mendes argues that they contain only one constant nutrient: carbohydrates. They have no protein, no fat, and we need the function of these things. Sweet potatoes contain very little iron, which is very difficult for pregnant women, menstruating and lactating women. I have a solution: molasses on sweet potatoes. Boom!

What do you want to know? I was in the comments until someone asked me to get up.


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