Mercury is retrograde, but what does it actually mean?


Mercury is retrograde, but what does it actually mean?

Page knapp doesn’t think moving in with a boyfriend can be a headache. Not long ago, her lease went up, and when they soon lived happily together, her longtime partner had a message: “I think I’m going home to long island.” She knew he had been looking for a career change and a fall in his parents that left them with more logistics in Philadelphia. Knapp, which works in PR, supports his choice, but is stressed without a plan. “I have nowhere to go.”

For most of her life, knapp was convinced that anything in life was untimely, because of the full moon. This time, at the turn of events and the search for an explanation, she found that this was not a full moon. In fact, mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon occurring on earth, from earth to back orbit. In astrology, mercury retrograde is thought to cause communication problems, homogenized headaches, technical problems and/or economic headaches. Astrology, experts say, in the case of Knapp, during mercury retrograde move into a new roommate, or make a major decision is risky, because in this period of time you may not have all the information it needs to implement an implementation choices. Mercury retrograde is also seen as a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past, pick up old hobbies, reevaluate existing routines, or rethink old fires.

Mercury retrograde occurs three to four times a year as the earth moves around the sun 88 days. (if you use mercury 88 to divide the earth’s 365 days, you will get about four mercury.) Mercury appears to be moving backwards because it is catching up and moving slowly through the earth. August 2017 will be retrograde until September 5.

It’s easy (and sometimes fun) to claim that mercury retrograde is our unfortunate culprit, but does anyone really believe this?

Knapp said, “this is what I know, but I don’t know the connection. “I will see people calling” mercury retrograde, so my life is terrible.

This time, Knapp is not just a believer, she is ready, she will pay all the bills, and vowed to slow down, decisions must be made to any more mindfulness.

Knapp said: “I have been completely planning my life for the next few weeks. “During the retrograde period, I forgot to pay my electricity, my credit card and my gym, which I would never do.

Astrologers Eric Francis kobol, lino (Eric Francis Coppolino) for Marie Claire (Marie Claire) and the New York Daily news Daily (New York), and other written sign said, compared with mercury directly in time, the heart of the mercury retrograde period of has the greatest impact, so act quickly, attention to detail will cause the responsibility inversion. ‘we can even create problems that don’t exist,’ he says.

“The most important thing is to stop and think before making any big decisions or trying to solve problems,” Coppolino explained. “Often during mercury retrograde, you think you have a problem, you really don’t. If you try to fix it, you’ll get worse. Slowing down is about making sure you actually have a problem and actually solving it. ”

Coppolino also points out that this retrograde occurs in virgo, which can uncover potential information or reveal some facts. Something more interesting: a solar eclipse during mercury retrograde.

“It’s all adding energy,” he said.

According to Coppolino, if the public seems to have been more critical of mercury retrograde in recent years, it’s because of our obsession with technology. As a society, we are more dependent on our phones and computers than we have been for decades. Because mercury retrograde affects communication and small tools, there are more opportunities for glitches.

Keiko El is a 24-year-old Philadelphia model, entrepreneur and founder of a program called Afro Witch, which promotes the growth of color witches, education and practice. Like Knapp, after mercury retrograde, including leaving and starting treatment, Keiko plans to face the full force of the current retrograde. She has changed her mind about any possible difficulties and is prepared to see them as an opportunity for reflection and adjustment.

“I tried to change my perspective and think, ‘now this is happening, because I’m not going to go this way. When it comes to dealing with mercury retrograde, it’s all about perspective.

Galina Nemirovsky, a 43-year-old New Jersey writer, is trying to keep this in mind during mercury’s retrograde road trip. On other planetary shifts, her apartment was flooded, and on another occasion she received some slight bumps and bruises. Her previous experience was not enough to cancel her vacation, but she was aware of the impact of the seasons on her plans. She assigned an extra day of travel and confirmed that the hotel had extra stars.

“You can look at it in two ways: ‘I’m destined to die,'” says Nemirovsky. “or you can be very careful.

Those who use mercury retrograde should be careful. Creative types tend to flourish during this period because it provides different ways of thinking and challenges, says Coppolino.

“Normal thinking patterns have been adjusted,” Coppolino said. “If you want a canoe trip, of course you want a jet stream. No one wants to cross a lake. ”

But why rock in a dangerous month? Coppolino Suggestions to slow down and consider the views of all, don’t make any rash decisions, especially in the reversal of the earth in virgo, retrograde completed in early September, when a lot of things will happen.

“With mercury retrograde, the main metaphor is more information coming,” he said. “When mercury is retrograde, you have to admit that you don’t know anything.”

What I need to know is: how do you see mercury retrograde? Are you ready?


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