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In the “last wizard hunter” there is “goofy fun”

The image of some films, if we can’t appreciate their stupidity, will leave us in a state of despair. For example, Vin Diesel has an evil bug out of Michael Caine’s face. Or an old stone door in a swanky Manhattan apartment that looks like a high-school ring. How, a muscular beef cake, with his breath spray window, as if he is a very, very carefully at the age of five children, we must cherish the charm of these spots and remember their stupid, shall be investigated for their close like a rich stone, lest they slip from the fingers in the geysers in our present era UN unforgettable stupid things.

These are just the last witch hunters, the latest diesel run action franchise starter’s cheese court waiting for some of our absurdity. This one is imitation. What else? – the character of dungeons and dragons in diesel. Fortunately, the stars of speed and passion have an admirable commitment to this ridiculous thing. Some action heroes take themselves seriously, or think they’re making popcorn when they blow us up with endless ammunition. Not Diesel– this is an actor, who knows that he growled some epic determination in his quaint voice when he was most interesting. Any kind of change will spoil the fun.

Eight centuries ago, we met first diesel engine card (Kaulder), hit a distant animal skin witch caves and one in Andy sandburg (Andy Samberg) looks pretty good bald face. He was following the hunter’s tribe around the queen, but just before he killed the queen, she cursed Kaulder with eternal life, and that Blake Lively got off the stage earlier this year. This is perfect for today’s New York, where the witch lives in secret, and disell can call it the knight of the British empire.

Indeed, one of the most respected actors should not be looking for the films of the witch, but Michael Caine (Michael Caine) worse, he seems to be enjoying themselves, so let him be. Moreover, he did not hold on for a long time, because he plays the father – the latest in a string in parliament was named saint help cader DE struggle with underworld demons – was found dead in mysterious circumstances. Survey replaced his friend and muslims priest (Elijah wood) and an ability to dream of attractive young kind girl (power game rose Leslie) death will lead to fight Kaulder unfinished, more phrases roar.

If it’s just a smile, we’ll be in Jason and Argonauts, and the movie seems to be able to use the biometric magic of Ray Harryhausen. A gruesome dead witch still beats her heart from the point of the sword and raises her body, suggesting what might be more physical effects and less CGI. World architecture itself with the help of the three famous writers, is not so creative: talk about an old armistice, secret club, tall people spell, magic parliament are lost. But The director, The Crazies, blunted all of this nonsense by using his cell phone, taxi fare, and The charming inharmony of a fire extinguisher.

The lich king ran out of natural gas in the last war, as did the eternal curse of pg-13. The palette darkens, the motion becomes fuzzy, and the interest in the Kaulder test is diminished. This is not a good omen for the witch hunt, which is already under development. Stupid things can only stay attractive for so long. Of course, this is the idea of “speed and passion” franchise in the early years, so there may be no unpredictability.


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