How did Hemingway feel?


How did Hemingway feel?

He kicked in the dust and the dust settled, and a redoubt about what the fuss was about. He sent himself to Paris in the 1920s, and that was the place. He shrewdly locked in many influential literary figures, and later learned how to become a celebrity by associating with the stars on screen. He wrote some good stories and some novels, from fresh to raw, through mediocrity to bad – though the “garden of Eden” published after his death was almost perfect, in its strange way. In spite of his novel is not a set in the United States (in addition to the “with and without”), the myth into himself in the great American novelist, a small work), he can be said to be the best in the short story. Later, he lost his depression, alcoholism, paranoia and manic paranoia and committed suicide. At best, most of his time is just the infamy of the past – or one might think, but the legend still exists, as tenacious as ever. How do you explain it?

Perhaps a man with the size of a hot-air balloon can only survive in a myth. It took so many shocks and gasps to keep his flight in the air, and it was inevitable that he could not breathe. Envy of his friends, not safe, treacherous, indifferent to the sponsors – no matter how good, without being punished – although he overestimate their own talent, but he is also a large number of waste, that is his responsibility. The case against his old friend Scott Fitzgerald, who, with the great gatsby, certainly didn’t write, if not, at least one great American novel. Mary dearborn reported new biography in evidence of his letters and talk, he is a racist, a perseverance anti-semitic, gay, and pretend to value a woman, he despised, and fear, and failure to understand them.

The word “literary lion” could have been invented for him, but he was old enough to fall in a more desperate circle and fall down in the cage of his fallen self. He – the real one – is the perfect subject of his own novel, and only he makes his image heroic and sentimental, so that the fictional self-portrait becomes an irony. Nevertheless, the tragedy of Ernest Hemingway is almost unbelievable, and his painful ending is painful.

Elle dearborn wrote Peggy Guggenheim (Peggy Guggenheim), Henry Miller (Henry Miller) and Norman Mailer, Norman Mailer) biography – no shrinking violet – they tell us, when she began to think of Hemingway’s life, she asked her “before for a biography of the author did not mention the topic of”. Then, she thought, maybe “what I don’t have” is exactly what she did for the task. “I didn’t invest in Hemingway’s legend,” explains dearborn. “I think we should stay away from what is legendary, and think about what this very complicated man and great writer is made of. Behind the trouble is that in the legend, there is resentment and jealousy, the spirit of the mean, the writer is not solved, and in most cases the art of failure – although the public of his day, and they are keen on the battlefield, the hunting field or on the desk to show off the embroidery “spirit” of the story, refused to admit it. The people’s father is beyond reproach.

In her prologue, dearborn, tells the story of Hemingway’s works in New York City library in the 1990 s after a group discussion, she is how to realize a professor and critic, “a bearded clip burly man”, the specialty is the jazz age of American literature, stood up and said: “Hemingway let me do what I do.” Then she thought about it and came to the conclusion of professor pepper.

Talking about writing is an acceptable occupation for a man, both in terms of conditions and in the world. Hemingway is not only as a fisherman, marlin large hunter, boxers and bullfighting lovers, and to him as a symbol of American popular culture’s ability to pursue, is the personification of the masculine – he is a writer. Any plot or aesthetic writing has been erased.

Insight is accurate, and it highlights one of Hemingway’s more malignant aspects of American literary heritage. He endlessly preach a person can become a writer and literary artist, at the same time to save his masculinity, and then urge many to follow his male writers topless dew chest, fist, down with the ocean, they may also be a tough guy.

Of course, this is a lot of crap, but the damage is done. One of mailer’s most obvious examples is his growing fame, which Hemingway is always jealous of, ironically called “brooklyn Tolstoy”. His best mailer is a very good writer, especially when he was writing the news, but in his struggle with my father’s love, he chooses into the role of a jewish fighting Irish: at a party in a drunken brawl, stabbed his wife, support a convicted killer career rebirth, and form their own fool loudly for mayor of New York.

Dearborn, points out that mailer that Hemingway “to become America’s greatest living writer”, but he also asked readers to consider the “farewell” afternoon “stupid” and “death” is that if the “a” May 4th “wear glasses, in a shrill voice, is a coward in the flesh” in addition to the absurdity of such a proposition – mailer of type, no description is written in the cold? It is obvious that these two books, though many good qualities, are stupid, even some of Hemingway’s acreage will admit. With its distinctive battles and breathless prose style, “a farewell to arms” seems to be a revolutionary, of course, but the hero Frederic Henry and the love between the nurse Catherine barkley is embarrassing, while the author is trying to tough tenderness and perseverance in the heroic cannot hold. As it says on dearborn, although Hemingway boasted that “in a simple, minimal language passed” courage “and” glory “the ancient empty terms and concepts),” a farewell to arms “is a very romantic war novels. “Of course, there is nothing wrong with it, except that the author can believe that the book is something to be believed.


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