The federal government is disintegrating – but our city is in good shape.


The federal government is disintegrating – but our city is in good shape.

The federal government shutdown this month, senator Bernie sanders went to Facebook to denounce the destruction and explain why. He unequivocally condemned the wishes of republican leaders and their wealthy donors to see dysfunction in Washington.

“I think the shutdown is part of a long-term plan to lose confidence in the ability of the government to meet its needs,” he said. “These republican leaders want a government run by billionaires and billionaires, not the American people and the American people. This government shutdown I don’t think is an accident. ”

He explained that this and other closures were the result of a long anti-government agenda supported by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. This agenda has made unfortunate progress in recent years, from the borders of the Capitol to the hearts of the nation. According to the pew research center, there is a crisis of confidence in American public institutions today. Currently, only 18 percent of americans believe that our federal government does the right thing at all or most of the time. This is a historic low, a very ominous sign for the country’s future.

The question is: how do we rebuild confidence in our degraded democracy? It will be a long and difficult time, and honest national politicians such as Mr Sanders will play an important role. But they can’t do it alone.

A place to look for effective government patterns is in local areas – cities, counties, school boards and so on. Because they are close to the people, intimately involved in daily life, the city is in an unmatched position to prove that the government can still meet people’s needs and dreams. Many people do this all the time.

Just last month, the federal government is on the verge of collapse, cities around the country (from New York to Seattle, Oakland to Philadelphia to Washington, d.c.,) of activists and leaders are busy redouble our efforts to fight for the environment and improve the fair elections, immigrant rights and other major issues. These interventions will have a real impact on the lives of local residents, but just as important, they prove the point that the government is not necessarily dysfunctional. Although public institutions are imperfect, they can still help us, protect us and win our trust.

New York big oil and opiate profiteers: see you in court!

Mayor bill DE blasio promised in an important announcement on January 10th that the country’s largest city is a political and financial crusade against the fossil fuel industry. DE blasi Mr Officials around the world and climate activists told the side of the world, New York will be from the oil, natural gas, coal and other dirty energy assets to reduce pension fund of about $5 billion. In addition, the city is currently for exxon mobil, bp, chevron, conocophillips and shell and so on five of the world’s largest oil and gas company in legal proceedings, to cover the risk of carbon pollution.

Blasi Mr Obama said at a news conference, we are “brought directly to address climate change struggle to know the impact of fossil fuel companies, and deliberately misleading the public to protect their profit margins.” “As climate change continues to deteriorate, it will depend on the greed of fossil fuel companies to make New York safer and more resilient.”

New York, with the help of the big tobacco company of the 1990s, is trying to prove that the big oil companies have been losing money by cheating the public on the health and environmental impact of their products.

“Unfortunately, money can be exploited,” says Brad Lander, a New York City councilman. “It is a big step in the courts to make such judgments: public health owes to cities, and the public benefit of corporate profiteering is a big step.”

New York has taken this step in another direction. On Jan. 23, Mr. DE la busio announced that the city had filed a lawsuit against corporate engineers in recent years, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of americans. New York City is to join the other cities in China, be responsible for drug manufacturers and distributors such as OxyContin, these drugs caused a crisis, caused by the local administrative department of the hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency and other interventions.

“It’s time for big pharma to pay for them,” blasio told the lawsuit.

It is. When the federal government refuses to protect people, whether it’s climate change or lethal drugs, big cities can be powerful avengers.

Saving lives in brotherly love.

Philadelphia is also taking radical steps to address the opioid epidemic that has plagued its people. On January 23, officials there announced that they would allow private and nonprofit groups to develop surveillance sites in the city. These facilities provide drug addicts with drug addictions, and disinfect them in front of medical personnel who receive addiction treatment, disease prevention and overdose training. Widespread use in Europe and Canada has shown a significant reduction in overdose related deaths and the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases.

Dr. Thomas Farley, the Philadelphia health commissioner, said: “we can’t just look at our children, our parents, our brothers and our sisters who have died of drug overdoses.” “We have to use every proven tool to save their lives until they recover from addiction.”

The move is an experimental move – no city in the United States has set up surveillance sites in its territory, although other countries have expressed interest. Opioid, however, the severity of the disease, the death toll to rise and the spread of the disease and social differentiation forcing local governments to adopt flexible action, to seek a new solution to protect residents. As the opioid crisis erupted into a full-blown crisis, too many lives were threatened.


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