Without Haiti, America would in fact become a believer.


Without Haiti, America would in fact become a believer.

It is strange that I have been forced to think and write Haiti for so many years, not to mention the simple feeling that I am there, and that there is a rise to the nation’s defense against idiots. But that fool is the President of the United States, so let’s start with the first thing.

Needless to say, Donald trump knows nothing about history. But those who have heard of “Louisiana shopping”, President Thomas Jefferson and France signed the incredible deal, buy the vast land of 828000 square miles of rivers and bread basket, extend from the Canadian border now to New Orleans and delta. Without this territory, the United States would never become a continental power, nor could it be a great global power. Jefferson got the price at a low price: the dollar is now $250 million, and the size of the country has doubled, to less than three cents an acre.

You might ask what this has to do with Haiti (though any President with a qualified staff would have this information). The White House staff answer is this: napoleon wanted to sell the valuable real estate in the new world, because he didn’t put down the French colony for over a decade of Haiti’s stunning slave revolution, lost two-thirds of France in the process is imminent.

The first consul (that was Mr. President napoleon) could see the words on the wall. The French were pushed to the limits of their military and financial means by the Haitian uprising, and the future emperor (and napoleon) had lost his attempt to further participate in the americas. He sold us to Louisiana and then on January 1, 1804, Haiti declared independence from France, and finally became independent from white people like Donald trump.

So, as we know, the courage and fortitude of the Haitian rebel slaves in the United States were created. You get a shithole.

Haiti’s history is filled with many other surprising fact, especially it can claim to have produced the first successful freedom fighters, Cacos, who launched a sporadic, but unstoppable guerrilla war, the U.S. navy occupied since 1915. And with popular opinion in the United States, they finally forced the americans in 1934.

Still, the marines have done harm. In the improvement of the infrastructure of Haiti, occupation as well as “foreign investment” opens the country, this actually means that of Haiti labor exploitation (including chain gang), group, occupation of land in the United States, Haiti’s control (continue) election, the sugar industry and the acquisition of profitable, Haiti to Banks, as well as the national from self-sufficient economy, agricultural production into cash continue to cause food shortages and economic downturn. How to be a lie: americans help.

I can go on, but I won’t. I am accusing the United States because I am responding to the President of the United States. France also played a role in the decline of Haiti after napoleon. However, emmanuelle macron hasn’t called the country yet, and I doubt if he will.

Finally, I would like to write some experience about Haiti, as a place to visit, to see where I live.

Haiti was the dream of Ronald Reagan, who proposed that shrinking the state would allow businesses to enter and replace government functions in the market economy. Haiti has a degraded state. No national health care, no social security, no pensions, little taxes, little labor laws, a small country safe. This is where Reagan pushed us, and trump and his people continue to come to us. There are few organized health facilities, unemployment is the norm, housing is less than substandard, and electricity delivery is erratic and severely limited. Poverty means that people have to live one day at a time and earn a goud and goud. This means that personal and family planning for the future is almost impossible. Many of the most capable haitians have emigrated to the United States and Canada, though clearly not trump appreciates them as doctors, engineers, lawyers, and academics, dentist, accountant, etc many contribution to our economy.

Haitians feel a lack of a state every day, but they are still living a life of fulfillment. At least in port-au-prince, haitians are rarely seen wandering. Everyone is moving forward, trying to find work and making money. There’s poetry and music being played. In the evening, the students went out to test under the light of the street lamps. When a player enters the NBA, haitians are very fond of basketball and ecstatic. Hundreds of years of Haitian literature are full of masterpieces. DanyLaferriere, a novelist of Haitian descent, was recently admitted to the elite school Francaise. Alexander dumas, author of the three swordsman, and John James audubon, an oceanographer, are both haitians.

In a camp set up by haitians after the earthquake eight years ago, I sat in my teenage boys, eager to record their music for me. During the tropical storm, I barbecued sardines and tomato camps outside my tent. I watched the fighting chicken in the small stadium and saw the voodoo ritual in the rubble. I have seen the master Haitian painting a dazzling array of paintings on the walls of the museum (which is now crumbling) and the church (which is now crumbling). I saw a young boy who had lost his hands, both of his forearms had learned to use prosthetics in the earthquake, and had learned to take care of the rural family. I have seen countless examples of Haitian solidarity and community, and of course, the human desire to learn, grow and be rich.

The island itself is beautiful, pure white beaches and majestic mountains, and the capital and provincial capitals are charming, each with its own way. Mr Trump may not think so, because in all respects Haiti is not like his trump tower and mar-a-lago. The country is almost completely devoid of gilt and gilt.


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